Anyone Know about Orchids

  rawprawn 13:35 07 Feb 2010

Last year I bought an Orchid for sale at a reduced price of £5 from Sainsbury's.When it finished flowering I cut it back, and astoundingley it reflowered starting very early in September.
It eventually had 52 seperate flowers, and is still going strong. Any tips for when it stops flowering again, or has it shot it's bolt?
It's still the best flower buy I have ever had.

  sunnystaines 14:09 07 Feb 2010

click here

this link should keep you busy for a while

  johndrew 14:16 07 Feb 2010

Much like you my wife rescues plants in supermarkets and has a number of orchids.

Each time they finish flowering she cuts back the stalk and they start all over again. Obviously they need the usual warmth, light, water and a bit of feeding, but as you say, the flowers are very attractive and last for ages.

A couple of sites you may find useful click here and click here

  rawprawn 14:20 07 Feb 2010

Thanks to both, that will definately keep me busy.

  canarieslover 14:50 07 Feb 2010

Usually between £5.99 & £6.99 at Lidl's, depending on single or double stem. I've bought my wife abot a dozen over the last eighteen months and only one has not reflowered after pruning. Also flowering lasts so long from buds to last flower that they are probably the most cost effective plant to buy for show. She has learnt to repot them successfully as well which is very surprising as my mother always reckoned my wife could give any plant 'the kiss of death'.

  Quickbeam 09:11 08 Feb 2010

As per what the rest say about cutting them back when they've finished flowering.

I've also found that they do better on rain water than water from the tap, they don't seem to like chlorine, fluoride and whatever else is in tap water.

They don't half flower over a long period though.

  rawprawn 09:19 08 Feb 2010

Thanks for that, but our water is very soft up here so we don't need to worry about that. You could even put it in car batteries when you had to top them up.
You are right about long flowering, I wonder how much longer mine can go on, it has now been flowering 5 months, and still looks good with 32 seperate flowers still in bloom.

  Chegs ®™ 09:41 08 Feb 2010

Here in the far NW of England,we have very soft water also(pretty much straight from Ennerdale Lake)but if we turn a tap on full blast,we can smell the chemicals.Having a very high water pressure(sufficient to explode the plastic valve in a shower)might account for the chemical smells,though I seem to recall reading something in the local paper about an "Action Group" protesting about the impending fluoride additives planned.

  rawprawn 10:07 08 Feb 2010

I wish we had a bit more water pressure, I think it's because we are about on top of a hill ours is very low.
During a drought some years ago I bought a sprinkler to try and water the lawns, what a waste of money that turned out. Not enough pressure for a dribble :=)

  Condom 12:08 08 Feb 2010

The orchids for sale in UK supermarkets are actually quite hardy and should not be mistaken for their more glamouous Asians cousins which require more special treatment. Living as I do for much of the year in Thailand I have grown to love orchids which of course are parasites similar to mistletoe in that they normally in the wild live off of other plants.

In the UK you need to keep them directly out of the sun and in a shaded place where the temperature does not change too much. Only feed them rainwater as they can be sensitive to any chemicals in tap water. Do not overwater as it will cause the flowers to go soggy looking. When finished flowering completely remove the flowering stalk and after a few months of recovery time it will soon grow a new one or even two new ones. Definately the best £5 you can spend flowerwise as you will get many monthe of enjoyment.

  Condom 12:10 08 Feb 2010

you would love the ones I have currently growing on my balcony but I suspect they wouldn't last too long in your present weather.

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