Anyone know about lite coins

  bumpkin 14:17 03 Dec 2013

I read something recently about "lite coins" loking on the net I could not make much sense of it. Sounds similar to Bit coins or is it a ponzi?

  Aitchbee 14:37 03 Dec 2013's the exact money required for the meters in snooker and pool halls, isn't it? ...used to be florins (10p's) but now £1 coins are the current unit of currency.

  bumpkin 14:57 03 Dec 2013

HB there are doctors that can help you you know:=))

  fourm member 16:03 03 Dec 2013

It's another electronic currency, like Bitcoin, but is claimed to be easier to mine.

I keep an eye on what's going on with these currencies but when I read things like this and this my head very soon hurts.

MtGox, one of main Bitcoin exchanges, was set to support Litecoin so I don't think it is an out and out phony but that's not to say its value will not be unstable.

  bumpkin 16:41 03 Dec 2013

FM, thanks for the reply and links, confusing indeed. I thought I might buy some as a fun investment but have no idea where to even start.

  bumpkin 20:01 03 Dec 2013

No post from FE showing here?

  Aitchbee 20:13 03 Dec 2013

... FE forgot to put a shilling in his meter ...

  Aitchbee 20:21 03 Dec 2013

... he could be short [of a shilling] ?

  bumpkin 20:24 03 Dec 2013

HB, he can't be short of a few lite coins surely:-)

  Forum Editor 20:39 03 Dec 2013

Like many others I've struggled to get my head around this whole virtual currency thing. I think I've managed to grasp the basics, but I doubt that I'll be delivering lectures on the subject any time soon.

  bumpkin 20:59 03 Dec 2013

"No post from FE showing here?" the reason I said that is that on the screen it showed last post from FE for about 2 hrs but nothing was showing. Gone now of course as it was about 3hrs ago. No problem, just a point.

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