Anyone know about house phones not mobiles

  bumpkin 20:39 19 Dec 2013

I have two landline phones, both ring and I can pick up either one and speak to the caller. I mainly use the upstairs one but if somebody picks up the other one before me or during my call mine just goes dead as if it is not even connected.

  rdave13 21:18 19 Dec 2013

That is the problem with having two ordinary phones on the same line. The nearest to the master socket takes preference. With a DECT phone set it doesn't matter as the base sends wireless signals to all the phones from one connection.

  chub_tor 21:25 19 Dec 2013

Spot on rdave13, DECT phones are the answer. We bought a Panasonic quad set some years ago and they have been excellent, their range is good enough that I can take any one of them out of its charger and stick it in my pocket while I work in the garden or garage. Our set also has an answephone so no messing about with that BT answering nonsense.

  rdave13 21:54 19 Dec 2013

chub_tor, as for reliability I wouldn't buy any other make than Panasonic for DECT phones. Did once and a mistake I'll never repeat.

  bumpkin 21:58 19 Dec 2013

Thanks for the replies, a bit more explanation, before I replaced the upstairs phone with a new one if I picked it up I could hear anyone speaking on the other dowstairs one and then decide whether it was for me or not, it was never just cut off. I then just put down the handset if the call was not for me. The upstairs "MY" phone is connected to the master socket if somebody else picks up the other one I am disconnected and have to go downstars and use the other one.

  bumpkin 23:02 19 Dec 2013

I have tried cordless phones and found them great for nuisance calls always there and worked perfectly but if I had an important call from my accountant or solicitor then the handset would be in someones bedroom or out in the garden. I think that I may have found the solution which is cordless phones with the handset attached to the base unit with a cord.

  BT 08:23 20 Dec 2013

"..handset would be in someones bedroom or out in the garden"

Most DECT systems will support at least 4 handsets, sometimes 6, so its fairly simple to site them wherever you need them around the house, and as the chargers only need a mains socket they can be re-sited whenever you need to, although with the standby times on most modern phones they can be several days off the charger.

As for brands, most are good. I have a set of 3 Tesco's own brand with digital answer machine and have had them for about 8 years, and just renewed the rechargeable AAA batteries a couple of months ago, which can't be bad.

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