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Anyone know about the blue badge system

  bumpkin 19:13 07 Aug 2018

I have had one for 3yrs and now due for renewal. On application I was told that I do not automatically qualify and have to go for an assessment miles away from where I live. This I can do but if anyone else can elaborate or give any suggestions then please do.

  bumpkin 13:10 24 Aug 2018

An update for anyone interested.

I had a phone call this morning from the Blue Badge Team saying pretty much the same as I have read here. Assessments are a requirement and cannot be cancelled on the basis of a doctors recommendation. Then to my surprise said " Our manager has decided to make an exception in this case and you will not be required to attend, your badge will be sent as soon as we have it printed. We thought we would inform you of this decision". Not what I was expecting at all but it just shows it was worth a try and not everone is a Jobsworth.

  john bunyan 13:15 24 Aug 2018


A good result; you must be relieved . It is a postcode lottery as to enforcing the rules .

  bumpkin 13:27 24 Aug 2018

Thanks John, one thing less to worry about.

  morddwyd 10:02 25 Aug 2018

Well done.

Having had one withdrawn (for a while) I know what problems can arise!

  canarieslover 12:51 25 Aug 2018

I'm in the Midlands at the moment and I paid for parking in Hinckley yesterday at the same rate as able bodied and in Nuneaton today I have also had to pay but with the concession of getting a extra hour for my money. As the speed at which I walk is comparable to a snail I need the extra hour to achieve the same as an able bodied person.

  bumpkin 23:01 25 Aug 2018

canarieslover, it was not a matter of paying that concerned me. It was getting a space near to the entrance and big enough to get out of without squeezing between my modest car and the large 4x4’s that have no consideration for anyone else disabled or not. Before I had a badge I parked in a hospital car park and the nearest pay point was about 200mtrs away on occasions so I had to take somebody with me just to get the ticket to get out. Having had one for 3yrs I now appreciate how useful it has been for me after a few weeks without one.

  Aitchbee 23:19 25 Aug 2018

Good result bumpkin.

  bumpkin 23:49 25 Aug 2018


  martd7 12:02 26 Aug 2018

Well done Bumpkin that's saved you a lot of grief

I remember couple of years back when my Dad was still here,he had Alzheimer's/vascular dementia,and it affected his walking,anyway neighbours advised putting in for the blue badge so our social worker came round and said few year back Dad would have one automatically,but the numerous cheats on the scheme have led to the assessment procedure,he advised we didn't apply because the assessment was rigorous and he did not know how dad would react so we left it and continued having to park wherever we could,just got on,I'm glad you didn't have to go through it

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