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Anyone know about the blue badge system

  bumpkin 19:13 07 Aug 2018

I have had one for 3yrs and now due for renewal. On application I was told that I do not automatically qualify and have to go for an assessment miles away from where I live. This I can do but if anyone else can elaborate or give any suggestions then please do.

  john bunyan 20:01 07 Aug 2018

I have friends with Blue Badges. They say that the assessors meet you in a car park with scattered seats. They check how far you can walk and are quite strict compared with a few years ago. If you have a Consultants letter it helps

  Aitchbee 21:27 07 Aug 2018

If you have applied and have been awarded PIP [ at either higher rate mobility or higher rate care ] then it's worth re-applying for a Blue Badge. There's a good chance that you'll get one.

  john bunyan 06:43 08 Aug 2018

PIP is for those under retirement age; Attendence Allowance is the equivalent for OAP’s ( in England, at least), and is not an automatic reason to get a Blue Badge.

  Quickbeam 09:33 08 Aug 2018

Strangely despite making it harder for people with physical dificulties to get a blue badge permit, it was recently on the news that people with deafness or mental health issues are feeling discriminated against in not qualifying for a blue badge.

  Cymro. 11:29 08 Aug 2018

A Blue Badge is usually applied for via you local authority Social Services so things are apt to differ from one place to the other. If you are in receipt of certain government benefits such as P.I.P. or the Higher Rate Mobility Benefit then your will qualify much easier as such claimants are granted a Blue Badge almost automatically.

  Aitchbee 11:59 08 Aug 2018

PIP is for those under retirement age;

jb, my sister is in the processs of moving from DLA to PIP and she's 68.

Some more general info on Blue Badge Scheme in link below.

click here

  john bunyan 13:31 08 Aug 2018


We are both right! You can’t start claiming for a PIP over retirement but you can still receive it if you are already on it on retirement. See PIP

  john bunyan 13:44 08 Aug 2018

See this. If you have enough points on your motobility element of a PIP you qualify for a Blue Badge

PIP rules

  lotvic 14:04 08 Aug 2018

bumpkin hasn't said how he qualified 3 years ago, or what the qualification reasons are that he's using for the renewal, therefore can only guess - can't elaborate or give any suggestions.

  bumpkin 14:51 08 Aug 2018

lotvic, I didn't qualify 3yrs ago when I applied but was given one after explaining my reasons for needing it. Nothing has changed other than me becoming worse so why the difference now.

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