Anyone had experience of entropion surgery?

  hssutton 14:13 25 Oct 2017

Entropion, (eyelids turn inwards)which causes the eyelashes to scratch the eye. I will be having this minor surgery in a few days time and as the hospital is 40 miles distance I will have go by car. The question is will I be OK to drive. I asked the consultant, but he would not give me a difinative answer saying it would be better for someone else to take me. Unfortunately that's not an option unless I book a taxi at considerable expense. This is the problem living in a rural area.

  Govan1x 00:21 26 Oct 2017

Not necessary a one eyed driver. The eye patch will probably be clear plastic. Well maybe not that clear.Saying that if it is the plastic type they have sticky tapes over it and stuck on to your cheek and forehead to keep it in place.

The problem is if you have had eye drops it will affect your vision.

The good news is although you are probably not allowed to drive. You are allowed to fly so you could have a fortnights holiday in the sun and be back again in time for your next check up.

Common sense says you will not be fit to drive back safely. But I suppose if it is the only way to get home you may have no option.

You are normally told once you are there that you will need someone to collect you.

  Forum Editor 06:06 20 Nov 2017


hssutton's surgery took place over three weeks ago.

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