Anyone had experience of entropion surgery?

  hssutton 14:13 25 Oct 2017

Entropion, (eyelids turn inwards)which causes the eyelashes to scratch the eye. I will be having this minor surgery in a few days time and as the hospital is 40 miles distance I will have go by car. The question is will I be OK to drive. I asked the consultant, but he would not give me a difinative answer saying it would be better for someone else to take me. Unfortunately that's not an option unless I book a taxi at considerable expense. This is the problem living in a rural area.

  john bunyan 14:42 25 Oct 2017


Regrettably I read a hospital leaflet here:


Where they say that an eye pad may be needed so you should not drive. I hope you can find a friend to help, or ask GP to see if hospital transport could be organised. If only one eye maybe you would be ok but driving against medical advice is unwise . I was off for 2 years some time ago after brain metastases so I know how difficult it is .

  hssutton 16:05 25 Oct 2017

John just the one eye, I'm expecting an eye patch, so yes I would be a one eyed driver. Most of the journey is on quiet rural roads which I doubt would be a problem, it's driving through the city that could be. Just love the following:) (or ask GP to see if hospital transport could be organised) Getting to see a doctor where I live is vertually nil. We cannot even get an appointment for our severley disabled daughter, fortunately her consultant is extremely good. Will wait and see if anyone as actually experienced this minor op.

  john bunyan 16:41 25 Oct 2017


In my town there is a volunteer group who can take folk to hospital for very small petrol contribution. Sorry that your rural area is so poorly supported and you get feedback from someone who has had the procedure . In my case , as my medical condition had to be reported to the DVLA I had no choice. Good luck whatever you decide.

  hastelloy 16:45 25 Oct 2017

It might be worth contacting the RVS. I know they have a good hospital transport system manned by volunteers in my area - maybe they do in yours.

  wee eddie 17:13 25 Oct 2017

Driving with an Eye Patch would, almost certainly, invalidate your insurance.

Not a good thing to do.

  BT 17:25 25 Oct 2017

Driving with an Eye Patch would, almost certainly, invalidate your insurance.

When I was waiting for my Cataract operation it got to the stage where I was unable to see anything out out the eye (the other one was OK) but according to DVLA I was perfectly entitled to drive.

You may still be able to drive a car or motorcycle if you only have one eye or sight loss in one eye (sometimes called "monocular vision"). This is provided that: the DVLA is satisfied that you have sufficient sight in your other eye (including a normal field of vision)

  Forum Editor 17:40 25 Oct 2017

NHS advice is that you do not drive following this procedure.

  wee eddie 17:59 25 Oct 2017

What the DVLA says is irrelevant.

I spoke of your Insurance

  HondaMan 19:29 25 Oct 2017

A taxi may be expensive, but it is better than killing someone - including you!

  bumpkin 19:57 25 Oct 2017

Curiously a friend of mine lost one eye aged 7 and functions as well as most with full vision including driving. In your case though I would not take the chance as you are unused to it. Get a taxi and relax.

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