Anyone had alternative eyesight treatment.

  bumpkin 21:00 06 Mar 2018

By that I mean other than glasses or contact lenses. I have only had to wear glasses for about a year now and thought I would get used to them but hate them. There seems to be lazer and unspecified options available at considerable expense which I am thinking about. Not keen on trying these if they can make things worse. One place advertising on the radio offers a one off solution which I find hard to believe. Has anyone here tried any of these alternatives or has opinions on this.

  Forum Editor 22:10 06 Mar 2018

I know someone who had laser eye treatment a year ago. He says the result was remarkable. Costly, but well worth the expense.

I have worn reading glasses for years - you get used to them pretty quickly.

  wee eddie 22:57 06 Mar 2018

I use my glasses to do what I used to use a cigarette for.

To allow for a pause, or emphasise a point

  Cymro. 12:27 07 Mar 2018

I have known several people who have had laser eye surgery and they all say just how successful it was for them. Mind you the people I know who have had this treatment are of an older generation but at least they had it done free of charge on the NHS.

  Pine Man 13:52 07 Mar 2018

My elderly neighbour had laser treatment and it caused terrible damage and really messed up her eyesight. She was compensated but that didn't help her sight which ended up worse than before the treatment.

My view is that spectacles help your eyesight without risk. Someone shining a laser in your eye has the potential to permanently screw up your eyesight.

  BT 17:42 07 Mar 2018

Someone shining a laser in your eye has the potential to permanently screw up your eyesight.

Depends what they're doing it for. I've had Laser treatment for problems due to Diabetes. This was on my retina and took just a few minutes. The type of Cosmetic(?) laser treatment where they reshape your Cornea is a totally different thing. I can't see that this would be a permanent solution. The other treatment I've seen advertised would seem to be lens replacement similar to used that to treat Cataracts.

I've had both my eyes treated for Cataracts with lens removal and implants. Its life changing but I still need to use glasses. As you can't actually focus at different distances with implants I use Varifocal lenses which solve the problem.

  bumpkin 21:18 07 Mar 2018

Thanks for the replies. I am apprehesive of lazer treatment but it has been available for quite some time now. Not sure where to go for impartial advice, lots of ads for relatively cheap treatment but my eyesight is more valueable to me than money.

  wee eddie 23:16 07 Mar 2018

Last time I went to a Private Surgeon for a consultation, it was like staring in the eyes of a tiger. All he could see was my wallet and he was salivating.

I went back to my NHS Doctor and discussed the options in greater depth, and managed to avoid surgery

  mole44 04:58 08 Mar 2018

My take is you can get prosthetic arms and legs,your eyes are not replaceable,whilst glasses are sometimes inconvenient broken glasses can be replaced.

  Gordon Freeman 09:29 08 Mar 2018

Both my wife & I had this done years ago - we were both short-sighted - she had it done a few years before me. We've both enjoyed 20/20 vision ever since having the treatment.

I personally wished I'd not hesitated as long as I did in getting it done, as the results were amazing. For example, just one day after treatment, I had 20/20 vision & no need for glasses any more for distance.

Being a bit older now, I do need to use reading glasses for work/using PC etc., but that may well have happened as part of the natural ageing process anyway due to hardening of the lenses in the eye which occurs as we all get older.

If you decide to consider it further, do sufficient research across main providers, & ask as many questions as you feel that you need to. We both had ours done with Optimax & they were superb in answering all questions, as they were with the treatment.

You'll need to have an initial consultation to check if you're suitable for the treatment, so you can use that time to ask as many questions as you feel the need to ask.

  Smudge120 13:26 08 Mar 2018

When I was working and the firm introduced computers, I had an eye test and had to get reading glasss. Wore them for reading and on the computer. Had to have them changed as my eyesight was slowly getting worse. Then last year had cataracts removed from both eyes. No longer need glasses unless the print is very small

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