anyone got one?? -Virtual Keyboard

  Sethhaniel 11:06 08 Dec 2004

I.TECH Virtual Keyboard
Just when we'd given up hope. We were promised virtual-reality suits so we could enter that Lawnmower Man cyber-world and fly around in the ether. Tosh. We were all supposed to have a couple of flat-panel speakers that looked like paintings but provided virtual 5.1 audio. Pah. But this could be the turning point. Sit this amazing device on a flat, clear area, plug it into a PC (via a serial port only - yuck), Pocket PC or Windows smart phone and - holy touch-sensitivity, Batman! - it projects a full qwerty keyboard onto the surface in front of and below it. Pressing any of these "virtual keys" does the same as pressing the keys on a normal keyboard. Awesome - and it glows! So this is the future, right? Actually, this works about as well as throwing a sack of spuds at a typewriter and hoping to reproduce some Kafka. It's unresponsive and too sensitive to light - you often have to shade the keys with your hand to get them working - and prodding on a hard, unyielding desk, table or whatever makes your fingers sore very quickly. Also, if the surface isn't perfectly flat and stable, the unit falls over and turns itself off (thanks to a trip switch on the base). No good for trains, then. We can't think of any reason why this technology should ever replace touchscreens, mechanical keys or those holographic controls in Minority Report. It's a clever gimmick for showing off to your mates - but don't let them do any typing or they'll realise how virtually useless it is.


  Belatucadrus 15:05 08 Dec 2004

No for one of the reasons you mentioned, battering away on a hard surface seems a pretty sure way of getting RSI and sore fingers. So even if it worked properly, not a very good idea.

  Dorsai 18:43 08 Dec 2004

Some things are never going to be replaced with a virtual version. (virtual food?)

Imagine trying to steer you car with a virtual steering wheel, one sneeze, or an expressive hand gesture to another driver, and you are in the ditch.

If i could plug myself into the PC and just imagine typing, without actually having to type, that might work. (Think of hitting the 'A' key, and you get an 'A') It is the process of imagining typing that does it. A sneeze would not trigger the thing.

An idea in many Sci-Fi books. Just plug yourself into the Computer, and think about what you want to do, and the PC does it. not in my life time i think though.

  Sethhaniel 19:37 08 Dec 2004

virtual Money ;0

  duckers 20:00 09 Dec 2004

you can if your not virtually skint.

  kev.Ifty 22:24 09 Dec 2004

click here

And you don't even need to wear your national health specs to use it... ;-)


  Sethhaniel 08:17 10 Dec 2004

this time around - and see what they come up with next -have tried 'voice recognition' but gave that up as a bad job - far too slow

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