Anyone got any tips on garden strimmers

  bumpkin 16:47 08 Jun 2014

Hi everyone, I have had many of these in the past. Some petrol some electric even tried a battery one. Some were OK and some useless. Just got a brand new petrol one, first use today and even managed to start it. Every one I have had has suffered from the same thing, the cutting cord going back inside the head. It took 3mins today before I had to dismantle the thing and rewind it. I wondered if anyone else has had the same thing or could give any advice please.

  bumpkin 17:28 08 Jun 2014

I didn't put the cord in, that was how it came. I am aware of what you mean and there is usually an arrow showing which way to wind which I have always followed.

  BT 17:35 08 Jun 2014

Put the cord in the correct way!

Funny you should say that but my petrol one suffered from a similar problem as bumpkin with the original spool. When I dismantled the spool the cord wasn't wound evenly and was twisted around itself on the spool. Once I had unwound it and rewound it evenly it was OK. Since I have rewound the spool with new thread and done it carefully so that it is even on the spool its been fine. My biggest problem is re-starting it after the initial use. It starts fine from cold but I have all sorts of trouble getting it to go a second time.

On electric ones, don't buy a cheap one. My neighbour bought a cheap Qualcast and the motor burnt out the first time he used it and he'd only done about 6 or 7 yards alongside his fence before it gave out in clouds of smoke.

  carver 18:27 08 Jun 2014

bumpkin I've always dumped the original cord as soon as I have bought a strimmer and replaced it with a better quality one, you can buy professional quality strimmer line for not much more than the cheaper stuff but it is better and doesn't break as often.

You can get different shaped line that will cut some of the toughest weeds with no problem.

  bumpkin 18:45 08 Jun 2014

Thanks carver, I will look into that I don't mind paying more for something that works properly. Never heard of different shapes though only different diameters.

  Forum Editor 19:49 08 Jun 2014

I have a petrol strimmer, and my experience has been the same as carver's. I bought some 'Scorpion' line in bulk - it's red,has a triangular cross section, and cuts through almost anything.

  bumpkin 20:20 08 Jun 2014

Thanks to all, this is the sort of feedback I was hoping for, I am happy to learn from others which is why I posted.

  tonyq 17:46 09 Jun 2014

I'm another that as problems with strimmer cord. I don't have a lot to strim in between bushes but spent more time messing with the cord than strimming. I finnaly gave up and went back to doing the job with shears. So what is a good cord to use? I may bring it out of retirement!

  carver 18:32 09 Jun 2014

tonyq that is a difficult question , link depends on the type of strimmer you have to start with but that link will give you a good idea.

You can't make a cheap strimmer into a professional strimmer all you can do is improve it by buying better line.

What sort of strimming do you do, grass/ weeds or tough stuff like thistle or bramble?

Just remember never try to increase line dia thinking it will be stronger it doesn't work, merely causes the line to snag in the head.

  tonyq 18:43 09 Jun 2014

Carver, it's mainly grass dandilions underneath/around bushes.

  bumpkin 19:08 09 Jun 2014

Carver, thanks for the link. My new one is a 52cc heavy duty one with a harness to carry it. I just really need it for places I can't reach with the mower but based on my past experiences I went for a "good one" I contacted the seller and was told that I had not installed the cord properly, I didn't instal it in the first place and the instructions are hopeless. I shall try again tomorrow just don't seem to have much luck with the things.

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