Anyone got any idea,..??

  barca1 09:48 28 Apr 2008

Hi all my landline is setup in a way that if anyone cals us they have to display there number be whatever country or place there from,ive just had a number & although my phone shouldnt it stated "Number unavailable"..they never left a message how bizzare??
anyone got any idea's..?

  peter99co 10:09 28 Apr 2008

One of those automatic phone dialers offering advice of money problems

  georgemac © 11:09 28 Apr 2008

if anyone prefixes the number dialled with 141 their number will not be displayed

THis is the law, not one I agree with as I think all numbers should be displayed.

  interzone55 11:37 28 Apr 2008

I've had a couple of calls in the last few weeks where the number has been displayed as "International" or "Unavailable". I always let the machine take these calls and there's usually no message left.

Last week I had an international call, so as usual the machine picked up the call and to my surprise the re was a message left. It was a recorded message offering to clear my debt by opting for voluntary bankruptcy, all I had to do was call a freephone number and all my problems would be over (assuming I never want another car loan or credit card of course). Naturally I pressed the red button instead and deleted the message.

Email spam I can deal with by ignoring the Googlemail spam folder, but I hate this new international phone spam, a market created because it's become harder to operate phone spam from the UK.

I'm sure the SAS could do something about these spammers if Golden Brown would allow them to pull out of Afganistan & Iraq.

  peter99co 11:45 28 Apr 2008

I was told that the auto dialers could recognise an answer phone and ring off. They are getting keen if they are now leaving messages.

  interzone55 11:54 28 Apr 2008

A lot of auto diallers are used in call centres and when the call is answered transfer it to a human. There would be no reason to transfer the call if it is answered by an answering machine.

These new phone spam messages simply play a message as soon as the phone is answered, whether it's answered by a human or answering machine is irrelevant, all the spammer wants to do is leave the message.

  Pineman100 16:22 28 Apr 2008

I use a cheap calls service that involves dialling a prefix number before the ordinary phone number.

My calls always display as "international" on any phone that I call, because the service uses what's called "Least Cost Routing". That means a computer works out the cheapest route (worldwide) for my call to take.

So don't always assume that anything showing up as "international" is dodgy. It might be me!!

Actually, come to think of it, I am pretty dodgy...

  hairymonster100 16:43 28 Apr 2008

your phone is set up not to answer withheld numbers, there are instances as alan14 says where the number is simply unavailable and not withheld - totally different - so that's why it registered on your phone.

  interzone55 16:59 28 Apr 2008

Don't ring me unless you want to talk to my answering machine...

Actually I don't assume all international calls are dodgy, but seeing as none of my acquaintances are abroad at the moment I wasn't expecting a call so just let the machine answer

  Snec 17:39 28 Apr 2008

Calls made using Skype display as International Call, even if they are made next door.

  barca1 19:20 28 Apr 2008

well the way my phone is setup if your ex-directory you MUST press 1470/1 whatever it is to show your number otherwise you cannot get through..? or so i thought...

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