Anyone good fixing a Iron.?

  Uboat 13:13 06 Jul 2010

Hiya guys! i appreciate this is a pc related forum but from time to time we have members ask for help on alternative things, Well here's
Ive just been given one of these click here & the problem it has is there is no steam coming out.? i dont know if its blocked.? but surely someone has a similar thing on here? can anyone help please? i dont want to throw it away its only been used 6 times in its life..but its out of warranty...

  jakimo 13:20 06 Jul 2010

this should fix here

  Uboat 13:51 06 Jul 2010

jakimo Thankx! but how do you de-scale them.?

  Newuser38 15:05 06 Jul 2010

See click here dont know if this is any help.

Our iron TEFAL has an indicator to tell when to clean and this is done by flushing out with water through a special access port. Another tip is to allow the iron to heat up to linen temperature and the turn temp control down to synthetic then press steam button and some of the blockage is loosened. Our Tefal does not have filters which I suspect MR do

  Uboat 09:37 07 Jul 2010

Thankyou for that! ive emailed MR's! & the link you provided has shown me its a large scale issue with Morphy Richards Irons so i WILL be avoiding them in the future! thankx again!!

  jakimo 10:09 07 Jul 2010

The descaler usualy has full descaling instructions on box

with the one I use you stand the electric iron base in the descaling solution overnight

  BT 16:50 07 Jul 2010

Probably a scale issue with most irons depending on your local water supply.
Doesn't anyone use Distilled or De-Ionised water any more?

  lotvic 18:15 07 Jul 2010

I use previously boiled water from the kettle, (after it has cooled down) or the saved water from condenser dryer. Not had a problem with iron scaling up for last 15 years, (same iron).

  ams4127 22:47 07 Jul 2010

Oh rats!! That kind of iron!

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