Anyone Familiar With M42 Traffic Management Scheme

  NSBT 19:40 17 Jan 2008

I joined the above motorway at junction 5 travelling south.

The motorway was operating the TMS, which consisted of four lanes, i.e. including the hard shoulder.

As I came down the slip road to join the motorway, my lane had an arrow over it for me to join the slow lane of the motorway, no one would let me in, I had to remain in my lane and passed under the gantry, when I noticed a flash, I’m sure the camera flashed me.

The next set of overhead signals had ALL 4 lanes open including my lane, am I likely to be penalised?

And does anyone know this stretch of motorway between junc 5 - soutbound?

As I say, I know a camera flashed whether it was related to me, I’m not sure.

  anskyber 19:45 17 Jan 2008

The flash is usually associated with exceeding the temporary speed limits imposed during busy periods and displayed on the gantry.

  STREETWORK 20:10 17 Jan 2008

The flash was possibly for another car in lane one. The problem with this system is that its not often advised well in advance of the hard shoulder use. Add to this it is the nature of drivers to join the M-Way entering lane one and not to run the hard shoulder, goes against the educated instinct. Add to this the gantry sign is too close to junction 5...

  NSBT 20:42 17 Jan 2008

Ok thanks guys, I guess I'll have to wait and se if anything comes through the post.

It's a crap system it really is; they are forever changing the speed limits between one set of signals and the next, i.e. 45 then 50 back to 40 Grrrrrrrr.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:55 17 Jan 2008

You only get flashed for speeding if you were on the "hard shouder" an travelling below the speed limit you will be fine.

Any car could be moving onto the HS for emergency reasons.

  NSBT 22:19 17 Jan 2008

Hello fruit bat

Thanks for your post, the speed limit was set at 50, however, I may have been going over 50 although not much more, I was concentrating more on trying to get into the flow of traffic.

  IClaudio 22:38 17 Jan 2008

When the ATM is in operation, you are allowed to use the hard shoulder, and you can tell because there will be a speed limit over the lane, as you pointed out. AS you join the motorway, you can keep to the hard shoulder, and you won't be penalised.

The system isn't 'crap': watch the signals, keep your speed below what they indicate, no problem - and the added advantage is that when everyone does the same, lo, the traffic keeps flowing...

  Chris the Ancient 17:39 18 Jan 2008

I thought that the cameras on the M42 were digital - to avoid running out of film - with a wireless link back to HQ.

And... I thought that where digital cameras are in use, they are so good that they don't actually need to flash.

Can anyone confirm/deny this thought?

  Quickbeam 17:43 18 Jan 2008

They're there to bolster up the economy...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:09 18 Jan 2008

Think you are correct

definately digital abnd therefore probably no flash

measure your speed between cameras so you can pass the first too fast but as long as you haven't gone over the average before next camera then no problem.

  Quickbeam 19:13 18 Jan 2008

I thought if yoyr speed is sufficiently high at the first one, you get the conviction anyway.

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