Anyone else hit tonight

  Condom 21:16 19 Jul 2012

I just opened up my hotmail account and found nearly 5000 (Five thousand) e-mails all from the same [email protected] account advertising the Mad Men nomination for an Emmy award. I've let Microsoft know that their filters didn't pick this up but I'm wondering if anyone else has been hit. No great harm done but deleting this amount of junk takes longer than the 3 minutes it seemed to take to send.

  morddwyd 21:55 19 Jul 2012

No, nothing untoward.

Just the usual half dozen offering Viagra, mature women and Nigerian businessmen seeking partners!

  Woolwell 22:26 19 Jul 2012

This one of the reasons why I use gmail instead of hotmail.

  Condom 23:08 19 Jul 2012


As they all came from g.mail do you mean that it is safe as they only send them and not receive them? ;-)

  Forum Editor 23:10 19 Jul 2012

"I've let Microsoft know that their filters didn't pick this up"

As have a million or so others, no doubt. It's life, although 5000 messages to one Hotmail address is a bit strong.

  frybluff 00:50 20 Jul 2012


I never get any mature women after me. It's not fair!

  Woolwell 09:47 20 Jul 2012

Condom - that'll teach me to post when I have a heavy cold! What I meant is that gmail filters seem to work well and I get very little spam. I note that you have posted that it came from @g.mail which I don't think is a valid gmail address.

  interzone55 14:03 20 Jul 2012


@g.mail is not a valid email address - spam messages are never sent from genuine addresses, or the spammers would be much easier to catch.

For the record, I've used Gmail since it's early beta days in 2004, and almost never get spam messages hitting my inbox, and similarly I almost never get genuine emails hitting my spam folder.

Once though, I did get around 20,000 spam emails hitting my spam folder one day, and when I checked some were several years old. For some reason Gmail hard spewed back up every spam email I'd ever deleted. Seems they don't actually delete anything at Google, they just mark them as hidden. I wish I had their hard drive supply contract...

  Condom 17:17 20 Jul 2012

I'd close this now if I had access to the green tick, which I still don't so if FE sees this perhaps he can do the honours for me.

Fortunately this was the first time anything like this has happened before as my hotmail account normally catches all junk mail which is never more than half a dozen a day. From the timings on the e-mails it took a full three minutes to download 4644 of them and unfortunately a lot longer to get rid of them as Hotmail can only process 35 at a time.

  Simsy 20:37 20 Jul 2012

I don't have a hotmail email account... but I know several folk that do, about half a dozen or so. Now it may be just co-incidental but out of those 6 or so, in the past year 5 of them have had their accounts hacked, resulting in junk/spam/crap emails being sent from their accounts.

As far as I'm aware there have been no other untoward effects, but it does make me wonder. Why have none of my other contacts, without hotmail accounts, suffered like this?

I repeat, it may be just co-incidence!



  Forum Editor 19:12 22 Jul 2012

".....if FE sees this perhaps he can do the honours for me."

It's done.

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