Anyone else had an email from Aquaid?

  chub_tor 12:39 27 Jan 2015

It is headed as a card receipt and contains a Word document with malware inside Click Here for a full explanation of how it works. Luckily it was sent to a very old email address of mine and I did not open it. Nasty one this and very genuine looking so forum members beware.

  lotvic 12:53 27 Jan 2015

Not had one (yet), thanks for the warning.

  Forum Editor 14:49 27 Jan 2015

I have been receiving emails from Tracey for several weeks, and from other people, all along similar lines.

All such stuff is routinely deleted - I know what I've paid for with my cards.

  HondaMan 09:07 28 Jan 2015

I have had several going to old email addresses all asking me to confirm a payment. All are deleted and I keep my preview pane SHUT!

  johndrew 10:26 28 Jan 2015

These rogue mails are not only very common but an absolute pain to those who are not as savvy as those here - especially perhaps those who need "Barclays Eagles".

I have filtered out many through the facility on my ISP's webmail page but they still manage to get the odd one through.

As mention above one of the best safeguards appears to be keeping the preview pane shut.

  Quiller. 11:19 28 Jan 2015

It is good chubtor has brought this to the attention of the forums readers. Not every one is computer safe and although my filters remove all spam,I don't receive any. I think that in the name of the site PC Advisor, chubtor is giving good advice to maybe a few, but an important few who are unaware of this scam and need to be on their guard.

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