Anyone else getting these emails?

  Yimbo 23:24 06 May 2014

I'm getting quite a few emails from e.g "Chief of Texas Department of Revenue - - You has (sic) penalties for bank credit $567.21 Details in attached ZIP file ...!" Almost identical, from "Superior of Alabama Dept of Revenue" This time "penalties for sales tax $417.98". Yet another is a "Court summons - Illinois"

I take it that they are all scams! I've never opened any of them - but wonder why I keep getting them sent to me - especially when the address used is never accurate and only an approximation of my correct email address.

  Quickbeam 08:29 07 May 2014

Oh, I'd just give them all the information they request, I do like a free lunch.

  Yimbo 10:14 07 May 2014

A share in an inheritance - - free lunches - - is there no end to all their largesse? Here's me thinking they were all a scam!

  Secret-Squirrel 10:54 07 May 2014

"............ but wonder why I keep getting them sent to me - especially when the address used is never accurate and only an approximation of my correct email address."

That's a common occurrence with spam emails. The recipient addresses you can see are in the TO or CC fields of the email. Yours, and probably hundreds more, are in the BCC field which makes them invisible and it looks like you've received mail addressed to someone else.

By the way, the ZIP attachment contains malware - but I'm sure you knew that anyway.

  mbc 13:59 07 May 2014

I have had 3 similar e-mails this morning, obvious to me as scams, but perhaps not to new internet users. This may be a daft idea, or not even feasible, but do you think that if ISPs made a small charge for each e-mail it may deter scammers who probably churn out millions of these each day. Legitimate businesses could set the costs against tax, and if the ISPs were to reduce their monthly rental charge to compensate for increased income from e-mails, the private individual may not be out of pocket overall. If it is a daft idea, please do not mock me as it may be just a 'senior moment'.

  Yimbo 16:49 07 May 2014

Just got another (new) one! "Your electric usage bill - $578.24 For details see attachment" Ha! Ha!

  bumpkin 17:11 07 May 2014

mbc, I don't know how it would work but not a daft idea at all. I would be happy to pay for emails if it cut down on some of the spam. Call charges however do not seem to deter the wretched phone pests.

  bumpkin 19:17 07 May 2014

wiz-king, "Would you be happy to pay for receiving spam e-mails?"

Of course not anymore than I would be happy to pay for incoming phone calls, where have I said that.

  bumpkin 23:50 07 May 2014

A friend of mine won the lottery but was concerned about what to do about begging letters and Email, I explained that it was easy if he stopped sending them.

  Menzie 15:00 08 May 2014

I keep getting emails from women who have never seen me but claim I am handsome and that I should join a website to see pictures of them.

Handsome? Ha! Obviously they have never seen me. No, wait that was not quite right.

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