Is anyone else getting similar calls.

  bumpkin 17:16 28 Jul 2018

Phone calls on landline usually in the afternoon. A recorded message which sounds like an American accent claiming to be British Telecom. Various versions all stating that my internet will be disconected if I do not press number one to find out why. Sometimes in a few hours other times 24 to 48hrs. Had them every day for about 3wks. Some kind of scam obviously, just wondered if anyone knows anything about it.

  lotvic 10:56 30 Jul 2018

conrail, I asked because I am with talktalk and haven't had any problems (so far). Contract is up so am now looking for new ISP deal. I may stay with TT or change if better deal is available.

  geoff96 11:11 30 Jul 2018


TT are cheap and cheerful for broadband and telephone deals. We have no problems with that. In fact we had an email stating our usage in April. We downloaded 486gb for that month and they go to say nor to worry as we are on unlimited fibre.

Never had a problem with billing for over 5 years.

Now customer services are terrible, if you have to use them.

  bumpkin 17:22 30 Jul 2018

Lotvic, I am with TT, similar position myself a few months back. Ask them for a better deal, they did me a good one.

  lotvic 23:36 30 Jul 2018

Thanks geoff96 I've also not had a prob with billing, I've used their forum for past problem back in ASDL days as that is far better than call centre and gets sorted (TT staff are on there) and thanks bumpkin, Will do, it's on my list for this week.

  lotvic 23:38 30 Jul 2018

typo correction: ADSL

  john bunyan 16:07 31 Jul 2018

I have been with Talk Talk on ADSL and before that on dial up since Pipex days. I hate long term contracts and am on a rolling monthly one with them. Thinking of switching to SSE unlimited fibre ( claim 60 mbps) as they offer a rolling monthly with a fixed price for 3 years. Service can’t be worse than TT so it seems I have little to lose in switching to SSE- if they do not live up to claim I could reluctantly go to BT although they want a 18 month contract. I am a SSE electricity customer.

  wee eddie 17:11 31 Jul 2018

John, you are referring to the Mobile App. It was always thus

  john bunyan 18:32 31 Jul 2018

Wee eddie

Not sure what you mean by mobile app. I am on about home phone line plus broadband.

  wee eddie 20:59 31 Jul 2018

Sorry, wrong thread

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