Is anyone else getting similar calls.

  bumpkin 17:16 28 Jul 2018

Phone calls on landline usually in the afternoon. A recorded message which sounds like an American accent claiming to be British Telecom. Various versions all stating that my internet will be disconected if I do not press number one to find out why. Sometimes in a few hours other times 24 to 48hrs. Had them every day for about 3wks. Some kind of scam obviously, just wondered if anyone knows anything about it.

  Forum Editor 18:20 28 Jul 2018

It's obviously a scam. One of hundreds.

  john bunyan 18:50 28 Jul 2018

I have had such calls, also from “TalkTalk” . My phone has the ability to block a call after you get it but the number is often a false one appearing to come from U.K. but actually from India , probably. Hard to totally ignore them but that’s the best thing to do

  lotvic 18:59 28 Jul 2018

Scam calls are doing the rounds, here's one on forum click here

bogus BT calls but just had a different one.... saying my IP address has been compromised by more than one country and I need to change my IP address. Press 1 for a technician. If I don’t do this my internet will be disconnected within 24 to 48 hours.

  bumpkin 20:24 28 Jul 2018

lotvic, that sounds very familiar. Sure I have had that one.

  Aitchbee 22:11 28 Jul 2018

Yes bumpkin, I've had same scam calls purporting to be from BT. I usually give 'em some techno-babble-flannel in my best native Glaswegian accent and they invariably hang up [immediately] in desperation.

  BT 09:23 29 Jul 2018

Had one recently saying my BT Broadband router had been 'Hacked' and malware had been installed. Told him that I didn't have a BT account or router and he insisted that ALL internet broadband was really run by BT regardless of their name. I then told him that I was on Virgin and he then said that even Virgin was really BT. and he then transferred me to a different person who said he was the Virgin representative who said he was based in 'East London'. What he didn't seem to understand was that Virgin BB was via their own cable network not down the BT phone lines. I Gave him lots of what Aitchbee calls 'technobabble' and he still insisted on his version. He cut off the call abruptly when I said I was a Virgin technician (NOT) and knew what I was talking about.

Its easy to see how those who are not savvy about these things can easily be duped by these scammers.

  Cymro. 11:01 29 Jul 2018

Yes I have had several such calls but with an Asian accent. I have now blocked the number but dare say they will only come through again eventually.

  conrail 19:28 29 Jul 2018

talk talk threatened to disconnect me over an unpaid bill of £185 plus VAT, I told them to go ahead, I was threatened with court action, again I said go ahead, when I get the court summons I will see you there, I have never been a talk talk customer

  lotvic 23:17 29 Jul 2018

conrail, did you mean it was scammers pretending to be from talktalk?

  conrail 10:07 30 Jul 2018

sorry lotvic, I assume it was scammers although I do have a friend who left talk talk and they kept taking her money until she threatened court action, they did repay the money but no compensation

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