Anyone else experiencing slow response

  alanrwood 09:50 15 Oct 2017

This weekend I seem to have a delay loading pages just on this site. All others are fine. Anyone else????

  Govan1x 22:27 26 Oct 2017

That changed quick another new add has taken over the other one.

Click here

  alanrwood 08:41 27 Oct 2017

I use Opera and Chrome and both used to have about a 5 second delay when loading any new page on this site only. Yesterday it started to work as normal so was wondering if the Ad server had changed.

  Govan1x 09:17 27 Oct 2017

Yup don't know what the problem is, I was thinking along the lines of maybe my ISP, mine is Virginmedia so wondering if anyone else using Virginmedia getting the same problems.

I also know that it is not everyone that has this problem but stumped by the cause.

My laptop never had the problem till i opened it one day and there was an automatic update from Firefox which I tried to stop but was to late. After that it have the same problem as my desktop.

Tried to put an older version of Firefox on but it automatically updated to a newer version.

Deleted Firefox and tried Waterfox but it was just the same

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