Anyone else experiencing slow response

  alanrwood 09:50 15 Oct 2017

This weekend I seem to have a delay loading pages just on this site. All others are fine. Anyone else????

  Cymro. 09:56 15 Oct 2017

I have always found this site rather slow. I used to think it was just my rather slow computer that is now over 9 years old. It is also a site that has a lot of graphics etc. on it and these take longer to load than just an ordinary page of text.

  john bunyan 10:10 15 Oct 2017

Agreed- my desktop is very fast usually but even with Adblock plus the side ads slow the loading of pages on this site. On an I pad it is almost hopeless with the whole page taken over at the top

  Govan1x 12:11 15 Oct 2017

It is all their adds trying to load which slows it down. Sometimes refreshing the page helps. Even getting their adds in normal posts which is a step to far.

Best way to see how slow it can get is remove your add blockers then try.

But of course they need adds to survive or have you pay to use it. I certainly would not pay to use it so just have to get on with it.

  Old Deuteronomy 15:59 15 Oct 2017

This site has been very slow for me for several weeks but, was never this slow before the Techadvisor rebranding.

  martd7 16:42 15 Oct 2017


Same here its jerky and sometimes freezes,I had quite a long running post about this but FE assured me the site was ok,I tried different mice,browsers nothing changed,still today sometimes I get "tech advisor not responding",I have no problem with any other site until I followed a link from here to download a program it took me to Pc world downloads,I had the same problems,non responsive and slow,then I noticed it was an IDG website,coincidence?

  Forum Editor 16:50 15 Oct 2017


"...FE assured me the site was ok"

I think I said that as far as I could see from my end everything was OK. At the end of your thread you mentioned that the site was running smoothly (for the first time in two weeks) and you mentioned that "there was a Virgin media guy outside,i asked him what he was doing and he said they were using some of my connection for the house behind me"

During that two weeks, our site hadn't been altered in any way.

  Forum Editor 17:00 15 Oct 2017

Millions of people use our site, and speaking personally, I rarely get any complaints about slow loading. I probably use the forums more than anyone else, and although there were certainly some issues years ago, I can't recall that I've experienced the problem recently.

That said, almost all websites experience server problems from time to time, but unless you use them on a regular basis you might not know about that.

  Forum Editor 17:04 15 Oct 2017

Old Deuteronomy

"was never this slow before the Techadvisor rebranding."

The rebranding simply involved changing the name at the top of the pages and the domain name - nothing else was changed at all.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:11 15 Oct 2017

Just stripped my keyboard down as I couldn't use the Enter key to change line when trying to write a reply to a post. (all other keys worked.

Then realised that enter key was working OK in word but not on the site ???

Logged out of TA and back in again and now all is OK

  martd7 17:22 15 Oct 2017

FE you are correct but soon after my post the response on the website it returned to almost unusable,I was hoping it was Virgin media using my cabling,that was only temporary though before it was fixed

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