Is anyone else bored with Brexit?

  john bunyan 09:56 31 Mar 2017

I fully realise the importance of this issue and am very concerned about it . As a remainer I do however accept the referendum result. I just wish that the news on TVs and radio could keep it for,say, one day a week or special Panorama type programmes.

  wee eddie 10:10 31 Mar 2017

I wish that the News Media'd shut up and let the Negotiators get on with the job. Un-hindered

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:42 31 Mar 2017

Only three more years of it - two til its completed and another year of moaning afterwards.

  Quickbeam 12:09 31 Mar 2017

Only 10/15 more years of it...

  LastChip 14:10 31 Mar 2017

It's going to be two years of completely wasted energy to achieve very little. It's clear the EU have learned nothing, are intransigent and will move very little. The only thing they're interested in, is how much more money they can screw out of us and how they're going to plug the financial gap when we leave. They've been ripping us off for years. Do they really need two Parliaments in two separate cities and new buildings costing millions of Euros - collectively paid for by our (European tax payers) money? Pensions that mere mortals in the UK are never going to earn each year, let alone see in retirement?

In generations to come, it will be seen as a minor blip in our economic history.

We should just pull the plug, go to WTO and save a lot of heartache and strain and get on with our lives. Trying to negotiate with 27 other states all with their own agendas is futile.

The quicker we do that, the quicker we get access to the rest of the world and start to compensate for any lost business with the EU.

However, if Marine Le Pen gets elected, then all bets are off. We probably wouldn't have to negotiate anything, as it would likely be the end of the EU. Either way, we'd save shed loads of money and wasted energy.

  oresome 15:48 31 Mar 2017

I'm bored with the speculation.

Let's wait and see what the negotiators come back with.

I voted leave, but would like to leave on amicable terms. If we've made long term commitments I've no objection to us contributing our share, but equally we should continue to share any benefits from these projects in proportion to our contribution.

I fear we will be negotiating for years to come and meanwhile the world moves on. It may be easier to lance the boil.

  Forum Editor 15:52 31 Mar 2017

It will all calm down quite quickly, once the negotiations get under way. It's big news, and not surprisingly the media are making the most of it.

  Quickbeam 17:19 31 Mar 2017

With the EU ruling our parallel Brexit negotiations and Spain opening bowling with a Gibraltar Yorker, we seem to be on the back foot at the start of play.

  john bunyan 19:14 31 Mar 2017

So far we have the £ fallen by around 20% , big banks etc arranging to move numbers of high earners to the EU, Scotland and maybe N Ireland wanting to leave U.K., Gibraltar under threat, inflation rising etc. We have not even left the EU yet! The £350 million a week for the NHS is a pipe dream- the divorce bill will see to that. Never mind let's hope the Brexiteers are right.

  x123 20:28 31 Mar 2017


Happy days, as they say in the song:-

Always look on the bright side of life.

There are positives.

  Devil Fish 23:30 31 Mar 2017

Yep bored of it 28 countries that cant agree soon to be 27 countries that cant agree .Just pull the plug default to WTO save the pain and waste of time and go from their. I'm sure the major companies will put pressure on their governments just as they do in UK,will be bumpy but the UK has resilience and will make it through

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