Anyone done the London Marathon before?

  Si_L 09:55 26 Jul 2008

Its too early to sign up for the 2010 LM, so I have preregistered for information as soon as its open so I can sign up.

Anybody run a marathon before? Any tips? I want to try and get a time under 3.5 hours.

  Quickbeam 10:28 26 Jul 2008

But a cousin did it about 10 years ago in just over 4 hours. Under 4 hours is a very good time for a first timer so good luck with it.

  Si_L 10:41 26 Jul 2008

I was told with about 20 months to go, under 3.5 would be achievable. I think I wouldn't be disappointed with 4 though.

  Blackhat 10:45 26 Jul 2008

There are plenty of Running magazines available, they will all major on marathon training around the time of each big one. Do your best to follow a 12-18 month program for a sub 4H.

  Legolas 14:32 26 Jul 2008

I wouldn't be disappointed with 4 either...days that is ;). Hope you achieve your goal keep us up to date with you progress.

  Pineman100 15:35 26 Jul 2008

My son ran the Paris marathon about 3 years ago. I've asked him about the experience, and he strongly recommends following the organisers' recommended training regime.

He had never run anything remotely that arduous before, and wasn't particularly fit when he decided to do it. Come the day, he finished in less than his target time, and I was amazed at how un-exhausted he seemed.

So the training recommendations were obviously highly effective.

A quick footnote: we went to watch the London marathon the year before my son ran in Paris. We were standing one one side of the road as the runners passed, and on the other side stood a man holding a large banner, which read "Come On Mum!".

The man was at least 50 years old!!

  wiz-king 16:10 26 Jul 2008

Start now - training that is - by fast walking for about an hour a night and include as much hill work as you can do. Do that for a few weeks then learn to run, most of the joggers that is see around here I can overtake at a medium walk, they are pounding the street, but they do nor use their hips to run, their legs just go up and down so they don't cover any distance per stride. Get a decent pedometer and count your strides between a couple of local lampposts and as you get fitter the number of strides should decrease.
Join a local running club even if only for a few lessons and they can show you how to run and then it's just down to you to practise, practise and more practise.

  Si_L 17:36 26 Jul 2008

Cheers for the tips everyone. Expect a post about a year and a half down the line when I've done it.

The other thing I've been looking at is crossing the channel. Has anyone done anything like this before?

  mrwoowoo 18:12 26 Jul 2008

Yes,i took the seacat across to Calais once.
Sorry,couldn't resist.
I used to regularly run half marathons and 10 mile events.Your training depends how fit you are as to how you start off.As you are young,i feel you could easily handle this training schedule.
click here
Make sure you buy a good pair of running trainers as ordinary ones will do a lot of damage through repeated impact damage to your bones.
Runners world magazine is well worth buying as an eye opener to it all.
Go for a few local 10k runs and the like(easy pace) just to get you used to the build up and competing against others.Never start off fast and always try to keep an even pace.

  mrwoowoo 18:20 26 Jul 2008

Just noticed something on the link i gave you.
At the bottom left are different training schedules tied in to the marathon time you are trying to achieve.
I didn't start half marathons or any form of running/jogging untill i was 28.I got my h/marathon time down to 1hr 29mins within the first year,so i feel that 3hrs 30mins is well within your reach.

  QuizMan 19:02 26 Jul 2008

I've run 5 of them, but nothing since 1997. Never quite broken 3 hours, but never been outside you target time either.

My best tip is to join a local running club if you have not done so already. About a month before the marathon you're going to need to get up to 20/22 miles on your longest run. It's hard to do that on your own; much better with team mates to chat to on the way. Running clubs also provide the chance for "proper training". For example, hill sessions, intervals, fartlek. You need that kind of training to build up stamina.

Good luck.

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