anybody used a steam cleaner

  sunnystaines 13:23 27 Apr 2013

looking to get one to give a thorough clean to a new home. been on the karcher web site and they look good just after anyones views who might have used one. the demo veids were on new kitchens etc, not a grubby one.

  Quickbeam 13:45 27 Apr 2013

They make a very good job of dissolving old grease on extractor hoods, hobs etc, with less mess than using chemical degreasers to break the grease down. Use paper towels to mop the greasy emulsion up, then afterwards you just need light clean with the Mr Muscle or similar spray

No good for cleaning kitchen blinds though, they dissolve the glue that holds them together and then you need new blinds!

  sunnystaines 13:49 27 Apr 2013


thanks for that tip.

  Al94 13:52 27 Apr 2013

You need to be careful, if you use it on soft furnishings, any fabric with a nylon type mix in it could melt under the heat.

  spuds 14:05 27 Apr 2013

We purchased a Ewbank Steam Dynamo model SC1000 from Toolstation last year. Can actually state that it was one of those 'does what it states on the tin' purchases, and all for £44.98 at the time.

On purchase we had a couple of operating queries, and Ewbank support were brilliant. The person we actually talked to obviously knew the product, and this came clearly across to us in simple terms.

As possibly suggested by QB, if you do get one of these devices, make sure that you have something around for gathering drips etc, it make life far better and easier, especially if there is grease involved.

  Quickbeam 14:10 27 Apr 2013

...and they usually come with a wallpaper removal steam hood. I would never again attempt to remove wallpaper without a steamer, it's a thousand times easier with steam.

  Kevscar1 16:34 27 Apr 2013

All so good on carpets

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:09 27 Apr 2013

I have a really old steam stripper that came with several attachments.

can be used to clean, fabrics like curtains, great for cleaning the tiles and grout in the shower, also used to clean the oven as well as strip the occasional wall. Agree with Quickbeam never strip paper without one.

It is used regularly as it gets passed round family and friends - I'm going to have to book it soon as I need it back strip one of the bed rooms.


  sunnystaines 17:37 27 Apr 2013


on the carpets is that for stains and spills, the video just shows hard floors or could it act as a general cleaner and steam clean the carpet which i suspect would have to be left to dry for a couple hours.

  spuds 20:57 27 Apr 2013

On the Earlex Ewbank machine, it would clean stains and spills on a carpet. Anything bigger and you would require a more suitable machine. A problem that might occur is the 'cleaned' area might show different to the rest of the carpet, plus there might be a problem with dampness. The machine I mentioned, doesn't have a suction device.

For a carpet cleaning, you might want to consider a Vax Powermax or something similar, failing that a loan of a 'professional' cleaning machine from an hire outlet.

  Aitchbee 21:10 27 Apr 2013

I use a hand-held steam jet to clean out and make sterile, the compact 8 x 5 and 5 x 3 black plastic cell seed-propagator housings so that I can recycle them, and plant new seeds in them .. it gets rid of any mould or potential plant disease.

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