Anybody like Sheds?

  peter99co 23:10 30 Sep 2008

If you like sheds you will like this site.

click here

  Brumas 23:13 30 Sep 2008

I did at school , especially the back of the bike-shed ;o)

  lotvic 23:16 30 Sep 2008

I am totally stunned by this

  peter99co 23:23 30 Sep 2008

What the confession or the site

  lotvic 23:39 30 Sep 2008

I shall find or build myself a nice shed in which I shall live on tinned tomatoes and baked beans washed down with a proper china mug full of tea.

This may or may not be the answer to my housing problem, rising grocery costs and sense of unreality.

  peter99co 23:51 30 Sep 2008

Don't hit your thumb with a hammer when you put the roof on.

  Quickbeam 00:24 01 Oct 2008

Thats almost as bad as 'Sheds R Us'.

  MCE2K5 00:27 01 Oct 2008
  tillybaby 07:29 01 Oct 2008

Well, as I type I've got a shed in my kitchen, it's been there for two weeks now but hopefully will be erected this Friday,

When I saw the title of the thread I thought I was going to see some really expensive sheds reduced to a ridiculously low price, thank goodness I didn't.

  carver 08:44 01 Oct 2008

And to think that all these years I've missed out on such wonderful sites.

I must now go outside and take a photo of my shed, followed by a visit to the doc's, then a couple of hours with a shrink, followed by a tour of the supermarket in case they have any out of date tinned tomatoes.

  interzone55 09:51 01 Oct 2008

This is a book of shed photos, it's fascinating what some people get up to in their sheds...

click here

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