Anybody seen the DVD - Munich ?

  freaky 11:54 18 Jun 2006

We watched this film Saturday evening, rather long about 2.5 hrs - I enjoyed it but the wife was not that impressed - bit too gory for her!

  Shortstop 13:58 18 Jun 2006

Yes - I was not disappointed.

Typical Spielberg and kept closely to the facts that are known. Thought that it dealt well with the emotional turmoil and stress that everyone was under and didn't glamourise what cannot be glamourised. I thought that it explained why the action taken was taken but didn't linger too long on the violence.



  g0nvs 16:57 18 Jun 2006

Yes watched It last week, in my opinion 9/10.

  Les T 19:49 18 Jun 2006

Watched it last week, very good. You can easily tell it is a subject close to Spielberg's heart, as he has done a potentially thorny subject justice.

  freaky 20:56 18 Jun 2006

The moral that the film projected was no matter how many terrorists/ringleaders that were eliminated, then others were there to take their place. An almost insoluble problem.

Pity about the Dutch female assassin, found her very attractive!

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