Anybody looking for something to read? Interesting History Site

  Bing.alau 14:18 18 Feb 2013

This link is to a very interesting site. Plenty of reading involved.

  Brumas 21:51 18 Feb 2013

Fascinating, as an aficionado of the Old West there is lots to go at, I found the eyewitness to the Massacre At Wounded Knee quite poignant. Bookmarked to dabble in at my leisure.

  lotvic 22:17 18 Feb 2013

Many thanks for that, am going to enjoy browsing through.

  Bing.alau 22:22 18 Feb 2013

I was wondering why no one had replied on this thread. Now I know, you are all reading the contents, no wonder the Speakers Corner is so quiet.

I have had it bookmarked for a while now and often pop in for a read when I have nothing else to look at. Being in small sections it is ideal.

  Macscouse 23:47 18 Feb 2013

Excellent posting,Dad. Dark'n'stormy in the bank for you.

  flycatcher1 09:56 19 Feb 2013

I too am enjoying the link. An Uncle by marriage was in The Tanks in WW1so I am always interested in them. He won the Croix de Guerre and said that the worst thing that happened to him in the war was when the French General kissed him on both cheeks. He lied and had wounds to prove it.

  Bing.alau 10:33 19 Feb 2013

Macscouse. Not a virtual one I hope?

  Macscouse 12:52 19 Feb 2013

Bing.alau - As if......

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