Anybody else at work today.

  Legolas 09:32 28 May 2007

I am at work with nothing to do because all the consultants that send through work are on holiday. Why am I not off, thats what I would like to know.

  simonjary 09:38 28 May 2007

Well, I'm checking this forum from home, so kinda work for me.


  Forum Editor 09:41 28 May 2007

so that's three of us claiming to be working.

  Legolas 09:43 28 May 2007

Well I had to get up at 6:30 travel all the way to Glasgow to sit and type this because there is nought to do.

  ^wave^ 09:50 28 May 2007

i was up 0630 too my wifes gone to work

  Forum Editor 09:50 28 May 2007

My silent prayer is that I would suddenly be presented with a day that is empty of work. It never happens, but you have one thrust upon you. Use it to research something you've always wondered about, or read an online book.

  p;3 10:07 28 May 2007

do you not GET Bank Holidays off in your line of work?

  p;3 10:10 28 May 2007

of course , being a Bank Holiday there could suddenly be a mutiny and chaos on forum to keep you busy::))

  Forum Editor 10:16 28 May 2007

mutiny and chaos?

Just another normal forum day, then.

  exdragon 11:09 28 May 2007

I'm retired, but the birds wake me up at 4.15 each morning, chirp for an hour then they go back to sleep, by which time I'm wide awake.

No birds this morning but the smoke detector battery running down started beeping and woke me at 4.17. By the time I'd changed it, and crawled back to bed, the birds started...

  amonra 11:12 28 May 2007

Woke up this morning around 7:30,
Right, up 1,2,3
Left, up 1,2,3
OK, that's both eyelids open.
Now think about getting up.

(With thanks to the late, great Les Dawson)

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