Anybody drive a Volvo

  carver 15:49 10 Jul 2014

A little bit off current topics but does anybody drive a Volvo, it's just that I'm thinking about a new car and so like the shape of the new V40 and V60 especially the V40.

I've never even thought about buying a Volvo before so either I have had a stroke and all sanity has gone or I'm growing up (about time said the wife).

So anybody had one or got one and any thoughts on them.

  bumpkin 16:02 10 Jul 2014

Sorry to hear that you have lost your sanity.

  amonra 17:09 10 Jul 2014

Volvo are like Apple, you don't have a choice of where you buy parts. It's Mr. Volvo or nothing, and they know it !

  rickf 17:22 10 Jul 2014

Yes, V40 estate. Not the latest model but been very happy with it, I have found it to be very reliable. Serviced yearly though not by Volvo as its a 2003 model. Fingers crossed it has never failed me. The specs are good for the price I believe. Don't expect to upgrade for a while yet.

  bumpkin 18:15 10 Jul 2014

My prejudice goes back to the days when young mums had to take the kid to school in a giant Volvo740 estate because it was safe. Much like they have to do now I suppose in Range Rovers. Probably much the same as any modern car on safety issues these days.

  carver 18:42 10 Jul 2014

bumpkin such kind words will make my stay in the sanatorium so much easier.

  bumpkin 19:26 10 Jul 2014

Don't let me put you off, probably good cars, the ones in woolwells link were not that ugly if you are happy to carry the stigma:-)) Just joking anyway, buy whatever car you wish and can afford as most of us do.

  sunnystaines 19:26 10 Jul 2014

had a volvo many years ago 740 estate, very reliable but when parts are needed they are expensive,if buying ask if they still have a lifetime warranty on parts.

not seen a new one for years had thought they had gone bust with saab.

also body work does not rust like most makes do.

  carver 20:04 10 Jul 2014

The one I've been looking at is similar to this volvo v40 only in white, my problem is I've had Toyota's for 30 years and just driven wifes Pajero now and again so no idea what they are like to own.

  bremner 17:57 13 Jul 2014


Where do you get that from GSF click here is one of very many Volvo part suppliers

  carver 18:00 13 Jul 2014

Woolwell sometimes reliability is so boring to drive and do not believe that every Toyota is reliable, in the first 3 years of owing my present Avensis it spent more time in the garage than I drove it, it had an engine rebuild at 18 months and 20000 miles, at the moment it does about 400 mile to a pint of oil and it's only got 76000 miles on it.

The aiR con compressor went and that from MR T is a mind blowing £1000 without labour.

At one stage I had a printout of all the faults that had been rectified to the car and it went into 3 pages and that was for when the car was 4 years old.

One of the first faults was headlights you couldn't change because the headlight bulb holder melted and glued the bulbs in place.

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