Any Wood Carvers out there?

  Noels 19:34 11 Jul 2008

For some years I have been making, carving, Shepheards Crooks, walking sticks etc.
I recently bought some Ironwood crook blanks.
They are so hard that they are almost impossible to carve.
Anyone with experience of handling this wood please help.
I have all the tools but!

  peter99co 19:37 11 Jul 2008

I think you might need an electric sanding file and a good facemask for the dust. No previous experience but just a hunch.

  Noels 19:45 11 Jul 2008

You are quite right but when you think of the shape of a shepherds crook you have to get round a lot of sharp curves.
It takes up to a month to start and finish a crook properly. I think with ironwood it may take 6 months.

  spuds 21:09 11 Jul 2008

When I use to have a dabble in wood turning, I found these people very helpful click here

  carver 22:33 11 Jul 2008

Do as spuds says and contact Craft Supplies if they don't know then you could be stuck, I've never used Iron wood in any of the work I've done just because it's so dense and hard to work with.

I've seen objects made from that wood and they can look brilliant, so best of luck.

  Forum Editor 23:23 11 Jul 2008

for their ironwood carvings live on the Gulf of California, and they use hand tools to do the carving, although other people use power tools to make cheaper imitations.

Good luck with the crook - the original carvers used Dark Tan Kiwi shoe polish to finish the carvings by the way.

  sconedd 23:58 11 Jul 2008

Hi Noels try this site,it might be of help click here. They might have a problem solving expert. Hope this helps you with your dilemma.

  Noels 12:32 12 Jul 2008

For your support and suggestions. I will certainly follow them up and won't try ironwood again

  peter99co 12:42 12 Jul 2008

Perhaps you need a Chiseler not a Carver!

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