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Any views on last night's Leaders Debate?

  Dunk 15:28 23 Nov 2019

Watched it on iplayer this afternoon, and thought that the three English leaders were pretty dire, particularly Swinson.

Sturgeon seemed to go down well, pity we cannot vote for her!! Comparing that performance to the other candidates, I wonder if I'm still right advocating throwing Scotland out (to save the £8b), or should I buy a house up there, instead?

Surprised that Johnson took a bit of stick (and laughter) from the English audience, but he was just a 'blusterbus' to my mind, repetitive slogans do not do it for me - but it must for others, I suppose. Does anyone really understand the "40 new hospitals, then 6, then 20 refurbished", over 10 years, promise?

  Govan1x 15:51 23 Nov 2019


Houses are a lot cheaper up there. Rains a lot and the Midgies are annoying.

Take with you large umbrella and midgie repelant and the bonus is you do not need any sun cream.

  Govan1x 15:59 23 Nov 2019

I watched it for about 3 minutes last night when the English lady said that the performances were dire and Sturgeon was the only one out of them all that she would vote for.

I think most of us can agree that the Political leaders are a dire bunch which does not give us much hope of decent Election. Heading for another 5 years of chaos i think.

  john bunyan 17:00 23 Nov 2019

I agree with the previous comments. Surprised how many ( was it a coincidence?) apparent SNP Scots lived in Sheffield!!

I often think, in this programme, that some of the chosen questioners are “ plants” from one side or another.

  Dunk 18:44 23 Nov 2019

john bunyan

"I often think, in this programme, that some of the chosen questioners are “ plants” from one side or another."

I can hardly believe you only "think" that. There have been numerous exposees of these 'plants' over the years, on twitter - here's last night's one - a Tory candidate, been on QT at least 4 times - what are the odds on that being random?

click here

  john bunyan 19:52 23 Nov 2019


I don’t use Twitter but am not surprised - there were plants from all 4 sides, I’m sure.

We had a thread on annoying words such as “so” at the start of an answer. I think “For the many, not the few” , “ Just get Brexit done” and “The Scottish People” should be banned from now on. If you haven’t heard it listen on I player to BBC Radio 4 Now Show. They had all this off to a T, and more with Prince Andrew, Trump etc

  Dunk 20:09 23 Nov 2019

I have noticed, lately, that Johnson is slipping in "One Nation Tories", along with "Get Brexit Done" - which is ridiculous when most of the 'one nation' Tories were thrown out, at the end of last session.

But it's all for show, only.

  Quickbeam 06:23 24 Nov 2019

'Surprised how many ( was it a coincidence?) apparent SNP Scots lived in Sheffield!'

I had to check that, I thought I was mistaken and it was from Glasgow!

Sturgeon was the only authoritative speaker with an air of credibility, maybe we should just burn the Westminster buildings down and adopt the Scotish Parliament on account that our Mother of Parliaments has become an old crone...

Boris's bluster and blunderbuss tactic of trying to insert 'let's just get Brexit done' at every opportunity is just showing how inane that statement is, as was May's previous 'Brexit means Brexit' inane phrase of 2017.

Swinson was a rabbit caught startled in the headlights of the occasion and came over somewhat flummoxed.

But on the positive side, Corbyn's revelation (That everyone but himself already knew) that he would remain neutral in a confirmatory vote is an acknowledgement that he knows that the Labour Party would be dragged down the same sinkhole of division as the Tories as being drowned in. That is the only wise thing that he's done over Brexit.

Brexit has gone from being a fine crystal goblet of desire to a poisoned challis that we're pretending is still very desirable and is now making it's final transformation into the common piss pot that it's reality is.

  Dunk 08:40 24 Nov 2019

john bunyan

A bit of further election manipulation by our dear old BBC - they removed the audience laughter when Johnson was asked about 'honesty'.

click here myself agreeing with all of what you said, I still believe that Brexit will eventually split the UK apart - now, when was that even mentioned in the 2016 referendum?



  Dunk 08:45 24 Nov 2019

How that last post came out baffles me!!

After the "click here" should have been "Quickbeam, Find myself agreeing.....etc"

That's how it looked in my post 'window'. Then the gremlins seem to get it??

  Quickbeam 10:36 24 Nov 2019

Dunk, most sites allow at least a time limited post edit, but our FE doesn't trust us enough...

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