any strange memories of odd or amusing events

  bumpkin 20:08 23 Dec 2014

I can quote a few not very good ones but it may start the ball rolling for some better examples.

I was staying in a hotel in Malta, it had a TV which I had never even touched or switched on. A knock on the door by a guy that said he had come to repair the TV. He came in, switched it on and said "what is wrong with it" I replied I don't know I am just staying here.He replied NOTHING wrong with it is there WHATS UP WITH YOU then stormed off.

Went to "Diamond Lils" nightclub at Heathrow if anyone knows it, four of us went all smartly dressed but I was not wearing a jacket so I was refused entry. I tried to reason that once inside people removed their jackets anyway. No jacket No entry was the rule. I asked "Will any jacket do" Yes was the reply. I got a damp filthy old donkey jacket out of the boot of my car and was allowed in.

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