any strange memories of odd or amusing events

  bumpkin 20:08 23 Dec 2014

I can quote a few not very good ones but it may start the ball rolling for some better examples.

I was staying in a hotel in Malta, it had a TV which I had never even touched or switched on. A knock on the door by a guy that said he had come to repair the TV. He came in, switched it on and said "what is wrong with it" I replied I don't know I am just staying here.He replied NOTHING wrong with it is there WHATS UP WITH YOU then stormed off.

Went to "Diamond Lils" nightclub at Heathrow if anyone knows it, four of us went all smartly dressed but I was not wearing a jacket so I was refused entry. I tried to reason that once inside people removed their jackets anyway. No jacket No entry was the rule. I asked "Will any jacket do" Yes was the reply. I got a damp filthy old donkey jacket out of the boot of my car and was allowed in.

  bumpkin 21:55 23 Dec 2014

Sorry double posting as it took so long to respond

  BillSers 03:04 25 Dec 2014

Sounds like the Basil Fawlty of Malta.

Not amusing, well not to me, but once stayed at a hotel in Nairobi. Got to bed about 1am after a long journey and looking forward to a nice lie-in. Got woken up at 5-30 am by a Muslim shouting to Mecca. I managed to get back to sleep after a while then got woken at 7.30 by very noisy drilling and banging by the hotel staff. I rushed out of my room in only my underpants to the amazement of the chambermaids and to shout out loudly some very fruity language that I was trying to sleep. The manager soon knocked to apologise and explain they were renovating the hotel. I was so overtired I couldn't get back to sleep so had an early breakfast and spent the entire day like the walking dead.

  spuds 13:55 25 Dec 2014


I think the same might have happened to many of us who once traveled a lot. It certainly did with me and my colleagues. One of my noisiest places, was in a place called Kuala Terengganu, when I lived in a Chinese run hotel, whose kitchen staff worked till after midnight and started work again at 4am the next day. The kitchen's where at the bottom of the hotel, with a large interior space void leading to the roof of the building, where all the sound traveled.Three to four hours sleep was the maximum, until we moved back to a rather nice hotel on the beach.

The other was an hotel in Colombia that was having a political rally over a few days. I don't think anyone slept over those few days, unless they were drunk or drugged. Going out complaining was certainly not on the agenda, unless you were very foolish.

  bumpkin 19:26 25 Dec 2014

strongwe all slept peacefully until a respectable hour. text

lead poisoning ?

  BillSers 05:51 26 Dec 2014

The hotel owner kept some hens in a large yard at the rear of the hotel. Every morning at about 5:30 am the rooster would start crowing. And every morning I'd hear the window in the next room go up and some choice language be directed at the rooster. On the third morning the rooster started up, the window next door went up - but no cursing - merely a loud bang and silence.

Reminds me of when the kids were little and we lived next door to a neighbour from hell who used to chuck broken glass and cat poo over our fence etc. On his other side lived a couple who lived like The Good Life who kept their cockerel in a shed overnight away from foxes. Each morning without fail it used to wake up all the surrounding neighbourhood at about 5am. One morning there was no noise and everyone slept in nicely and peacefully. Apparently the shed got broken into overnight and Mr Rooster went missing and we all knew who it was and it wasn't Mr Fox it was Mr Ass. A lot of his shortcomings got forgiven over that.

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