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Any Shetlanders on the forum

  Quickbeam 16:08 04 Oct 2018

...feeling boxed in?

Personally I can't see what the problem is, anyone that's used maps will be well aware of inset boxes for areas that are well out the main area. Even town A/Zs will put outlying villages in an inset box where there are only fields!

If anything it gives the inset area a greater presence...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:08 04 Oct 2018

Nearer to Norway than London

but thre s mor important things to worry about than a box on a map.

  alanrwood 17:33 04 Oct 2018

Would the fact that I have 7 Shetland \sheepdogs qualify me

  Quickbeam 20:27 04 Oct 2018

Do they mind having dog boxes...?

  bumpkin 20:50 04 Oct 2018

Would the fact that I have 7 Shetland \sheepdogs qualify me

Are you a farmer otherwise a lot of expensive pets.

  alanrwood 09:01 05 Oct 2018

No, I am no farmer. They are all pets and live in the Big box called home. I also have a Japanese Spitz and until last Monday a 17 year old whippet. I have had Shelties continuously since 1971 and they have enriched my and my wife's life enormously. Being now in our mid 70's we have now made the decision not to get any more pups as they are most likely to outlive us. Our last 4 actually came from re-homing of dogs originally owned by friends who died and I don't want that to happen to any of ours.

  bumpkin 18:34 05 Oct 2018

That sounds like a lot of work but if it part of your life and you enjoy it then why not.

  Aitchbee 19:26 05 Oct 2018

This young Shetlander will not be boxed in.

click here

  Aitchbee 19:29 05 Oct 2018

... but the big city lights of Perth might cause him some dizziness. [TIC]

  alanrwood 09:41 06 Oct 2018

That sounds like a lot of work

Not really. after two it does not really add much work. Despite what people think, because they have long coats, they don't require excessive grooming unless you want to show the dog We have only ever shown two and they always seemed to enjoy it. Others made it plain they didn't so we didn't show them again. They were always pets first.

  flycatcher1 12:04 06 Oct 2018

Putting Shetland in its correct place on a map will reduce the size of the rest of the country or entail very long maps. Box them I say.

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