any naval fans

  sunnystaines 19:30 25 Jul 2013

just in case your near portsmouth the nippon navy have three boats there, were out yesterday just off the coast firring off there guns i presume they were blanks but very lound and much smoke from them.

boats are the JDS Kashima, JDS Shirayuki and JDS Isoyuki

  Nontek 21:06 25 Jul 2013

I live in Pompey, heard the guns, but did not go to see the ships.

  Woolwell 21:58 25 Jul 2013

Saluting guns would have been used. Naval fans used to be "punkah louvres".

  Algerian peter ™ 22:14 25 Jul 2013

"i presume they were blanks"

has anyone checked the Isle of White, remember pearl habour.

  sunnystaines 22:33 25 Jul 2013

they were off the south coast of isle of wight when firing, also fly by by two military fast jets

  Chronos the 2nd 06:30 26 Jul 2013

Any naval fans?

Yes and mine is fluff free, thanks for asking.

But back to your proper thread, when I was in the RM's I was based on a Leander classed frigate, HMS Bacchante whose home port was Portsmouth. Travelled all over the world and basically getting drunk in any port we stopped at. Unfortunately all my memories are in my head as there is no photographic record as taking photos was not as easy as it is now.

Sailing home and seeing the Isle of White, of course the sea had long turned to it's usual cold grey uninviting self, but we were almost home. Many fond memories of Portsmouth and the trains out.

  Woolwell 12:36 26 Jul 2013

They departed Portsmouth at 9 am on the 25th so they were probably not saluting but live firing exercise in the danger area south of the Isle of Wight.

  Strawballs 22:40 26 Jul 2013

They were open to the public for free on Wednesday. I work in the Dockyard and they allowed quite a few from work to go see it during the day.

  Aitchbee 23:07 26 Jul 2013

I have lived a sheltered life, so please excuse my stupid questions:-

Why are three Japanese boats practicing their firepower / arsenal off the coast of England?


Does the government know about this?

  Chronos the 2nd 07:24 27 Jul 2013


I believe the intention is to invade the Isle of Wight with a view to turning it into a giant sushi factory.

As to whether the government knows about it? I think that is most unlikely as they are on their long holidays and really do not want to be bothered.

  Woolwell 10:47 27 Jul 2013

Aitchbee - They are on a training cruise and used the RN's facilities and ranges. Would the Government know? - Depends what you mean by the Government as the Navy, and by extension MOD, would have known as they would have been programmed in to the ranges and it was inside English waters. Scotland would have been unlikely to have known anything about it.

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