Any mathematicians out there?

  chub_tor 11:49 17 Oct 2011

I have a horizontal cylindrical oil tank that holds 2500 litres of heating oil. The diameter of the tank is 130cm and it has a vertical tube up the middle showing the oil level.

I would like to mark on that tube at say roughly 10cm increments from the middle of the tank downwards how much oil I need to order to fill the tank up again.

Does anyone have any idea how to make the volume calculations to do this. Remember the tank is horizontal if it was vertical even I could do it.

  anskyber 12:25 17 Oct 2011

If it is a relatively new tank then the chances are the tank will itselve be tanked, ie another smaller tank inside so there is a bund if there is spillage or failure.

I have used an electronic device before called a watchman, this transmits to a readout in you house and I found it to be very reliable.

  chub_tor 12:40 17 Oct 2011

Tangalooma_2006 Thanks for the link it enabled me to do a bit more checking and I came across this site which with a bit of jiggling to calculate the amount I need to order as opposed to the amount remaining enabled me to mark up my tank with some degree of confidence.

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