Any keen gardeners - Churchill insurance advert

  JoeC 15:39 04 Sep 2010

I am going mad trying to figure out what the names of the plants are that David Bellamy asks Churchill to water / look after for him whilst he is on holidays. I have managed to work out rhododendrons. The other ones sound like "zignum pepedree" and "rivalia". I have checked some websites for adverts but am still stuck. Bearing in mind the way Bellamy speaks, I have also checked various spellings in Google but still get nowhere. Does anyone know what they are called? (Yes, I know I really should get out more!) Any help would be much appreciated.

  Quickbeam 16:25 04 Sep 2010

click here & replay as needed.

  JoeC 16:54 04 Sep 2010

several times and still cannot get the names, hence the reason I am asking if (perhaps)) any keen gardeners might know.

  beynac 17:07 04 Sep 2010

Could be some sort of peppertree???

  Quickbeam 17:20 04 Sep 2010

There's probably a comic element of made up joke latin names, a bit like the Biggus Dickus character in The Life of Brian...

  jimwill 21:00 04 Sep 2010

XZ-250 is right about the Brazilian Pepper Tree (Schinus spp) and the final one sounded like Raoulia, which is an antipodean alpine plant which wants to be watered very sparingly!

  JoeC 12:26 06 Sep 2010

to find an answer

  Quickbeam 13:16 06 Sep 2010

Non of the Churchill ads are very serious, it might just be nonsense names or exaggerated lisp pronunciations that's confusing things.

  Bingalau 17:54 06 Sep 2010

The one plant that seems to stand out by giving Churchill a swipe looks like a "Venus Fly Trap" to me. But the dialogue of most of the Churchill adverts are indecipherable (Is there such a word?) to me any way.

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