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Any GiffGaff clients here?

  rickf 09:32 10 Jun 2020

Are unused credits carried over each month on Giff Gaff?

  john bunyan 12:52 17 Jun 2020


Here's a link

Keep no on Giff Gaff

  john bunyan 12:56 17 Jun 2020

That may be an old link. I'm sure I did it easier - wait a bit for more replies

  alanrwood 13:16 17 Jun 2020


If it is only an emergency phone why have a contract. I would have thought you would save quite a sum by just having a cheap Pay as You Go sim.

  Taff™ 13:17 17 Jun 2020


No problem. Can you PM me and I will sort personally. GG members have a referral scheme as well and we both benefit! Let me know when your contract ends and your personal details. (Phone, address and anything else you need me to consider)

I will send you a personal SIM card exclusive to you with activation details.

  Taff™ 13:36 17 Jun 2020


You don't ever have a contract with GG

You can either:

Just add money to your credit manually or automatically top it up £10 at a time which is the equivalent to PAYG but no need to go to a shop or do it online

Buy a monthly package (Goodybag) and do that manually or Automatically and even change your chosen Goodybag on a monthly basis with no penalty. If your useage increases you can bring the next one in earlier too at perhaps a higher level?

Hope that helps!

  QuizMan 13:54 17 Jun 2020

Thank you Gentleman, you have been most helpful (and apologies to rickf for the hi-jack). Alanrwood - I used the "emergency phone" description loosely. Second phone might have been better. It is much smaller so is easier to carry around on the rare occasions that I need that so the small amount of data in the £6pm is useful. Taff - many thanks for that kind offer that I would like to take you up on. I'll message you when I can use my PC as I find that easier. That should be later today.

  Taff™ 17:19 17 Jun 2020

Made contact!

  alanrwood 18:22 17 Jun 2020

Hi Taff

Yes of course you are correct in a strict sense. However if you set to auto update your goodybag it is just the same as having a contract as they only last for a month. My point was that PAYG would be cheaper by a long way on an emergency phone which gets very little use.

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