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Any GiffGaff clients here?

  rickf 09:32 10 Jun 2020

Are unused credits carried over each month on Giff Gaff?

  alanrwood 09:49 10 Jun 2020

No, if you are referring to data or phone call allowance with their Goodybags. If you are using a prepay then yes the monetary balance remains until it is used but they are definitely trying to get rid of this type of customer as they increased the prices inordinately a couple of months ago which is why I am leaving them when my current balance is used up.

  rickf 13:31 10 Jun 2020

Thanks for the info.

  Toneman 15:10 10 Jun 2020

alanrwood Who are you thinking of moving to, all the others I've looked at seem to impose the limited time use, like the Goodybags?

  john bunyan 18:29 10 Jun 2020

I think that the regular monthly tariffs that I pay of £10 a month for 6 gig of data and unlimited texts and calls is reasonable . I use WhatsApp for pictures as they cost a lot on Giff Gaff. I haven’t checked the PAYG costs

  alanrwood 18:45 10 Jun 2020


I have 4 sims in 2 dual sim phones

Phone 1:- Smarty (Monthly) and Giffgaff (PAYG). Phone 2:- Vodafone (PAYG) and O2 (on a Classic PAYG tariff 3p/min,2p/text and 1p/MB), You need to make one chargeable call every six months to preserve your balance. The O2 tariff is no longer available unless you look on eBay who might still have some sims available at a very cheap price.

  Toneman 10:47 11 Jun 2020

My usage is very small, mostly texts, so GG doesn't hurt too much..

  Govan1x 12:37 11 Jun 2020

I use SKY £6.00 for 2 Gb of data and I have never paid for a call or a text message. Unused data rolls over to the next month and so on.

  Toneman 14:53 11 Jun 2020

Govan1x That's £6 per month presumably?

  john bunyan 15:56 11 Jun 2020

I just received a message allegedly from Giff Gaff asking me to claim my £100 reward. It was a text message but I suspect phishing as I’ve done nothing to deserve such a reward. They used Giff Gaff language like “nice one” etc. I did not click on the link but if other G G users read this, be careful !

  Matt. 16:39 11 Jun 2020

I use 3 mobile unlimited data and calls £20 per month (Sim only 24 month contract) I don't have a landline and use this as my only broadband. No restrictions on tethering my laptop to the phone.

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