Any free soound manipulation programs oout there?

  Chris the Ancient 15:37 12 Nov 2009

Deliberately place in Speakers' Corner as it's not an overly important or earth-shattering type question for the 'really helpful' forums ;-))

Perhaps my ancient, creaking brain cell is playing up: but, I'm sure back in the days when I had Win 3.1 driving my 1.5M Pentium processor, 16Mb machine that there was a little application that one could use to manipulate wav files. I had great fun using MS sounds and making them sound quite weird and wonderful. So much so that I even used to leave my cocoa-tin desktop speakers switched on - just so that I could enjoy my creativity!

Is anybody in the position to recommend an easy - and free - add-on so that I can try and recover some of my mis-spent youth?


  Pamy 15:53 12 Nov 2009
  Chris the Ancient 16:07 12 Nov 2009

Wow! What a program.

However, it looks as though it is a bit more than I really wanted.

As far as I can remember, that 'original' program allowed stretching, reversing and, perhaps, echo. One could also 'cut out' wanted portions only. That audacity thing would be a steam-roller to crack a peanut.

But thanks for the thought and the link.


  Woolwell 19:07 12 Nov 2009

Not sure that Audacity in its basic form does what you want. I use it to record.
However I haven't tried this bu this seem to provide what you want click here

  Bapou 19:12 12 Nov 2009

'Manipulate WAV files' in Google, purely out of curiosity and found this:
click here on the first page.

  Chris the Ancient 19:19 12 Nov 2009

Hi Woolwell and Bapou.

Both of those look very interesting - and more in the line of what I was after.

I'll have a 'play' (pardon the pun) with them tomorrow afternoon when I get home.



  I am Spartacus 20:07 12 Nov 2009

Look in the Windows\System32 folder for sndrec32.exe. I think that's the one you were referring to.

  dastardly mutt 00:54 13 Nov 2009

Wavepad sound editor.
click here

Free to try for 14 days. Turns into a limited version after that but still adequate.

  Chris the Ancient 09:10 13 Nov 2009

That's the one!



  Woolwell 10:27 13 Nov 2009

Doesn't seem to be in Vista.

  Chris the Ancient 14:10 13 Nov 2009

I'm old-fashioned. I'm still on XP!


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