Any examples of stupid questions by seemingly intelligent beings.

  bumpkin 16:11 20 Jul 2013

Hi all, I don't know if people always mean what they are asking or just don't think first.

A serious question to my wife a few days ago by a 27yr old married woman about to have her first child, point being a stable happy young person not Jeremy Kyle material.

The question " Was Mary Magdelene Henry the 8ths wife" when my wife explained about the bible, Jesus, washing his feet etc, etc, she was ridiculed and accused of being on drugs. Anyone had a similar experience.

  spuds 17:25 20 Jul 2013

Can you explain to me, what the serious question " Was Mary Magdelene Henry the 8ths wife" as to do with your wife's explanation about Jesus washing his feet?.

Now for being ridiculed and being accused of being on drugs, that's another matter. Ridiculed possibly, being on drugs most certainly. And quite a number, but they are are legally prescribed by the medical profession and NHS.

  bumpkin 17:37 20 Jul 2013

spuds, sorry if you missed the point, my wife was trying to explain who Mary magdelene was, she (Mary Magdelene not my wife)washed Jesus's feet with her hair. I hope that clarifies it for you.

  bumpkin 17:42 20 Jul 2013

has is the word

  morddwyd 18:29 20 Jul 2013

"I hope that clarifies it for you."

Might have done for spuds, but not for me!

  Al94 18:30 20 Jul 2013

Mary Magdelene washed Jesus's feet with her hair

I don't believe any of that but it's a personal opinion which I cannot prove or disprove.

  bumpkin 18:42 20 Jul 2013

My posting was about stupid questions in general not just my example which has clearly been misunderstood.

  fourm member 18:48 20 Jul 2013

There are no stupid questions. If someone doesn't know something they don't know. A friend of mine tells the story of meeting someone who didn't know what a butterfly was.

Was he stupid? No, he just had never been exposed to butterflies in his education or life.

If this woman didn't know who Mary Magdelene was it sounds as though she has had a very fortunate upbringing free from fantasies.

  Aitchbee 19:12 20 Jul 2013

Staying on the religious theme, [ sorry bumpkin ] but, my best friend's 'bright' eight-year-old daughter, whilst attending her grandpa's funeral mass, said:-

" Dad, why's that man dressed like a wizard ? " [referring to the priest.]

I can't remember what answer Brian gave, but I bet it was a good one!

  bumpkin 20:44 20 Jul 2013

FM, I agree with you but my intention was to get some light hearted replies from those that have been asked rather silly questions by those that should know better. Children who ask questions that make me laugh I am happy to answer, it is part of the learning process but I would have thought that a 27yr old would have known that Mary Magdelene was not Henrys wife.

  Al94 20:45 20 Jul 2013

My mother used to tell a story that when I was very young and visiting an aunt, I apparently stared for ages at a painting of some hills and eventually asked where they were. I was told they were the hills of Israel upon hearing this I asked "If those are the hills of Israel, where are the lights?"

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