Any DATA/Fibre cable workers on here i need advice please?

  Portal11 17:09 30 Jul 2014

Hi everyone, i work as a digger operator (360 CPCS Above & below tickets) & i have been searching for weeks to try and find out which companies are laying the Fibre Optical networks in the country, I know this is a real long shot but ive been in touch with the likes of BT/TalkTalk/Virgin they all dont know know which companies have got the contracts well at call centre level? I have search high and low & i am just about to give up & i thought id give the Forum a try? all i am after is to find out which companies there is working out there so i can approach them for work in the diggers digging the trenches & it has been such hard work i never thought it would be? Any help would be much appreciated please..


  Aitchbee 17:19 30 Jul 2014

This company does quite a bit of the work you are describing [In Scotland].

click here

  bumpkin 17:32 30 Jul 2014

What area are you located?

  Portal11 17:35 30 Jul 2014

Aitchbee Thanks! Bumpkin sorry i did forget to put that i am in Cambridgeshire but would work anywhere tbh, thanks once again ;-)

  bumpkin 19:44 30 Jul 2014

Loads of BT work going on in Cambridge at the moment, suggest you try "Carillion Telent" as a starting point. I will try to get you a phone number for a subbie but don't raise your hopes on this and if I can it may well be Oxford where a mate of mine is working for BT as a cable layer.

  bumpkin 19:54 30 Jul 2014

I should have said he is in charge of the cable laying.

  Portal11 20:20 30 Jul 2014

Bumpkin Many thanks! greatly appreciated ;-)

  Portal11 11:28 31 Jul 2014

Any ideas pls guys?

  bumpkin 13:46 31 Jul 2014

Hi again, I am not sure what you actually want. Are you looking for a job for yourself, or a self employed owner/driver or are you trying to place multiple machines.

As you had ticked this as resolved I thought Telent was what you were looking for, best to untick it and you may get more replies.

This is not something I personally have much knowledge of but I have a pal who does. If you can explain exactly what you are trying to achieve I will try and help if I can.

  Portal11 14:16 02 Aug 2014

Hi Bumkin, Very sorry for the late reply, i am a digger driver myself with a few tickets and i want to get work in the Utilities area, sorry i didnt make this clear on my first post and thanks for the reply

  Forum Editor 14:27 02 Aug 2014

I suggest you contact companies like this one.

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