Any Cider Drinkers out there?

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I used to like cider,always drank more of it than was deemed good for me.

I went to somewhere in the south west with a mate on his motorcycle.We stopped for lunch and popped into the pub.Two pints of some brown foul smelling liquid later we decided to try and find a "real" pub that sold beer too.My mate stepped out into the sunshine,went strangely pale and tumbled down the steps cracking his forehead on the kerb and gashing his head.Absolutely bloody legless from a pint of "scrumpy" but on an empty belly so no real surprise.I tottered round the corner and found a cooler seat,sat down and within minutes was fast asleep only waking some hours later when my mate returned from the hospital having had his head stitched.Only thing I recollected of this cider was it was dirt cheap and you didnt need drink much to get legless,perfect for a youth looking for the cheapest night out I could get(maybe why I resumed the family tradition & started off several batches of home-brews)I loved the so called "bring a bottle" parties,as I turned up with a couple of crates of beer/cider & wines.

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I have a memory of a day out during my Honeymoon when we went to a beach front in Cornwell and found a pub called the Sailors Return. The front door was open and inside was a small room with a wooden topped bar ahead of you as you walked in.

We asked for a drink and was offered Cider. The lady behind the bar went into a room behind the bar and poured cider into a big jug from a huge wooden barrel using a tap on the front end. She returned to the bar and then filled two half pint glasses from the jug.

We went outside and sat at a table and enjoyed this drink,while being able to look out to sea from the little garden at the front of the pub.

One of the nicest spring days I can remember. I have no idea where this was because I moved on the next day up into Devon. I would love to go back but they say it is never the same when you revisit these places. It is over 40 years ago and the memory of the little pub and the bar is still fresh. The cider was good too but they would not let me have a second glass because we where visitors and they said it was not a good idea.

Happy Days

  Pineman100 17:51 11 Oct 2008

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