Any Cider Drinkers out there?

  [DELETED] 15:13 09 Oct 2008

Bad News?

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  [DELETED] 09:32 10 Oct 2008

Excibition Cider is my favourite tipple, saying that though its so strong that you can only buy it in halves in a pub in Bristol, mind you thats all you need!

Not a fan of Magners, never understood why you need to put ice in it either, only helps to water it down!

  [DELETED] 10:00 10 Oct 2008

Ice in the bottom of the glass and poor a nice cool Magners into it and you have a very refreshing drink.Most of the time just a cold Magners will do.But in the hot weather a bit of ice helps.All we need now is the hot weather.

  [DELETED] 10:13 10 Oct 2008

Sounds as if an Ice Bucket would be in order. There should be a few about if the Champers Drinkers are having a hard time.

  wee eddie 17:53 10 Oct 2008

are the equivalent of Watneys Red Barrel.

There are also some superb ones.

In other words, much the same as beer. If you buy a product that is made and sold by the Tanker load, you deserve all you get.

  Quickbeam 18:06 10 Oct 2008

All commercial drinks are made in huge vats and transported in bulk. The vast majority of the wines bought in this country are brought here by tanker and bottled in this country. Chilean Chardonay arrives at the docks in shipping containers with giant plastic liners, just like a wine box, but a 25,000 litre one. Most of the bottled wine sold in supermarkets at Christmas has only been in the bottle for 2 or 3 weeks.

Watney's Red Barrel; when it first appeared was a premium product made for traveling, a Pale Ale.
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  [DELETED] 19:02 10 Oct 2008

Magners comes in a bottle.So that must be Ok.

  Quickbeam 19:43 10 Oct 2008

Just read the label on an ice cold Beck's, sad I know (reading the label that is, not drinking the Beck's), 'Brewed in Germany' it says, that means brought here in a road tanker, and Beck's is one of Germany's premium, premium beers.

  Quickbeam 20:05 10 Oct 2008

Going out for some Tetley's now, that gets pumped into the pub like crude oil... but tastes better:)

  wee eddie 20:46 10 Oct 2008

Although it was marginally better than their other beer Starbright which was 2.5% to the Red Barrel's 3.25%. Gnat's piss!

They only got away with it because Watneys owned "all" the Pubs in some areas and their Client Base did not have access to transport. In those days you walked too and from the Pub.

  canarieslover 21:14 10 Oct 2008

I hope you still walk to and from the pub if you drink the stronger stuff.

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