Any Cider Drinkers out there?

  peter99co 15:13 09 Oct 2008

Bad News?

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  birdface 18:43 09 Oct 2008

I like the odd bottle of Magners now and again in fact I will give them a helping hand and maybe have a couple to-night.Not to get mixed up with Magners and Wagners.Magners is from Ireland and Wagners is from the UK .To me Magners is far better than Wagners but I think the UK breweries must get Wagners the cheapest so most pubs have that instead of Magners.hence Magners not doing to well.Now you know the difference between Magners and Wagners.I hope I have not confused you all.Try one of each the next time you are out and see if you can spot the difference.No I have not had any yet just in case you thought that I had started early.

  Pineman100 18:45 09 Oct 2008

Nah - mass-produced commercial stuff.

If you want a proper cider, click here

  birdface 19:20 09 Oct 2008

Aye but your list is 5 years old now.True there is a limited choice in the pubs we go to nowadays.But like anything else you pick your favorite drink and stick to it.

  Condom 19:56 09 Oct 2008

Last time I was in Ireland I couldn't find one apple tree never mind an orchard or two. I think Magners is as Irish as I am.

  Jak_1 20:01 09 Oct 2008

The parent company of Mangers is Bulmers of Somerset.

  Covergirl 20:39 09 Oct 2008

It's been 'fashionable' to be seen drinking it for a few years now, but I can't justify spending that much cash on fermented apple juice when I can get 2 litres of Blackthorn for around £3.

I used to blame "the parents" but now I reckon it's all down to the credit crunch. Ha!

  Brumas 23:16 09 Oct 2008

I can recall stopping at a delightful spot on the river called Brandy Wharf, just off the A15 in Lincolnshire must be at least 14/15 years ago.
All the pub seemed to sell was cider so, as we were parched,we ordered two halves from a huge selection. It quenched our thirsts but half a pint was enough for me!

  peter99co 23:23 09 Oct 2008

In the 60's in Bristol I could not understand how they made a profit in the pubs because 2 half's was all I could manage and some of the locals sat for long periods with a single pint.

The Barman said he could add some glucose if it was too sour for us.

  the hick 07:19 10 Oct 2008

Cider! On a trip to Cornwall in late 60's, stayed near Lostwithiel, the local scrumpy was one shilling a pint, when bitter was two bob. The barman would serve me and my mates only half-pints at a time! In Herefordshire some years later, went to the Monkey House, cider-only I think - anyone know if it's still there?

  User-1229748 07:42 10 Oct 2008

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