Any BMW Mechanics out there?

  rawprawn 18:41 20 Jul 2010

I have a new March 2010 BMW 320i SE Coupe, I put a parking ticket on the dash, but when I opened the door it blew down the small gap between the window and the front end of the dashboard (Not the vent which has a small grill)
Question, is it OK to forget it, or is it likely to cause a problem in the future?
I would imagine to get it out one would have to remove the dashboard, and as long as it isn't likely to cause a problem I would prefer to leave well alone.

  mark2 19:06 20 Jul 2010

Not a BMW mechanic, but assuming you're speaking about the gap between dash and screen, unlikely to cause a problem. But parking tickets falling down into this gap sometime cover the chassis number usually visible on the nearside. Bane of my life as a MOT tester !! Often the other chassis plate is in a slightly inaccesible/awkward location.

I've had success removing them with a piece of wire hooked on the end. Also sticky tape may work. But it will be fiddly, you're unlikely to do any damage however, trying to retrieve it with the above methods

  Forum Editor 19:08 20 Jul 2010

and since she got it several parking tickets have done the same thing - so far without any ill effects.

You could try a vacuum crevice nozzle running at full tilt - I keep meaning to do the same thing, but I haven't got around to it yet.

  Noldi 19:15 20 Jul 2010

Usually these can be blown out with a air line or taping a small diameter hose to a vacume cleaner hose, This gap is only a space where the dash does not 100% fit to the windscreen / bulkhead not a lot down there that can be damaged by a parking ticket. But its a new car so do be carefull not to scratch anything you would never forgive yourself.


  rawprawn 19:20 20 Jul 2010

Thank you for all your answers, I feel reieved that I am not the only one but also that is is unlikely to cause problems.
I will give the suggesetions made a try.

  ronalddonald 20:38 20 Jul 2010

a little tip taks some blue tack with you and stick it down on the dash, ive being this all the time now since ive had the ticket blown down some where and given a parking fine for not displaying a ticket.

  michaelw 09:04 21 Jul 2010

Having left school to work in a garage as a fitter/mechanic, I believe these folk are now called 'technicians'.

  rawprawn 10:49 21 Jul 2010

I have tried all the suggestions without success, I have decided to leave well alone.
Thank you all for your input.

  Quickbeam 10:55 21 Jul 2010

That's why they're self adhesive.

  Quickbeam 11:01 21 Jul 2010

Mechanics Vs Technicians.
Real mechanics could and would strip down engines for repair. The techies that dealers have now will order and fit you a new engine from the manufacturer if it's well worn, but they can plug you into the diagnostic software to tell you what you already know... it's buggered!

  rawprawn 11:17 21 Jul 2010

This one was not adhesive, which lead me to believe that it might be removed using a vacuum and small hose, but I was wrong.

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