Any Artists?

  laurie53 20:37 19 Jun 2008

My wife needs distilled water for the ink which she uses in her pen and ink drawings.

I can only find de-ionised water.

Can any artist or chemist tell me if it as good a substitute here as it is in batteries?

Alternatively, anybody know a source of distilled water?

I need a small bottle, not a 10 ltr carboy!

  Joe R 20:44 19 Jun 2008
  peter99co 20:48 19 Jun 2008

If you take the frost from inside the freezer I think that is good. If you want to keep it from freezing use GIN

  peter99co 20:52 19 Jun 2008

I can not remember who the artist is, but when outdoors doing mountain scenes in winter he uses Gin instead of water and has no problems

  Coffee Adict 20:54 19 Jun 2008

Have you tried a chemist, I'm sure when I wore contact lenses (some time ago now) I used distilled water to rinse them with and the bottles were small.

  laurie53 21:05 19 Jun 2008

Coffee Adict - Thanks, first place I tried (after Halfords) as I thought it was sometimes used for injection, but no joy.

However, given your context I might try an optician.

peter99co - defrost water normally has dust contaminants in it, and gin works for watercolours, but not inks

Joe R - Many thanks - bookmarked in case I can't find anything smaller.

  Monoux 21:08 19 Jun 2008

How about boiling a kettle or saucepan of water. hold a bottle filled with cold water in the steam and catch the condensation as it falls from the outside of the bottle of cold water

  Monoux 21:10 19 Jun 2008

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