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Any advice on modern Sat Navs

  bumpkin 18:07 09 Jul 2015

I have an old Navman (appx 9 yrs) which I found amazing in its day but now outdated although it still works. As they are now so cheap I was thinking of replacing it. My main criticism of it is that if I turn off a busy Mway like M25 it will keep trying to direct me back onto it. Not something I know much about but with technology advancing as it has I would have thought that there is something available that can be asked to find a route avoiding M ways. Any suggestions anyone.

  bumpkin 20:50 10 Jul 2015

Thanks very much to all of you for your comments and suggestions. My old navman does have hidden away a shortest route setting which I had never seen before so I will stick with that for now and give it a try on my next venture out. Though not the best thing in the satnav world sometimes it is better the devil you know. There are so many different ones now available that I found the whole thing totally confusing. All of your input was appreciated and I hope that you do not think that I have wasted your time.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:53 10 Jul 2015

Wait for the sales at Hafords hey do good deals on satnavs

Have a Nuvi with lifetimeupdates about two years old but my new car has satnav built in . tried both together and got completely different fastest routes:0)

  bumpkin 22:03 10 Jul 2015

and got completely different fastest routes:0)

The fastest route depends on the traffic. What could be the fastest route a few minutes ago could become the slowest if something goes wrong.

  bumpkin 22:49 10 Jul 2015

They must be the modern ones with instant traffic info then, my old one had a traffic module but was was useless in London as it only told me about the problem after I was in it.

  HondaMan 20:21 11 Jul 2015

I have just bought the latest Garmin with built in dash-cam. It is HUGE, but very good. Amazon price is best I have seen, certainly cheaper than Halfords

  bumpkin 20:34 11 Jul 2015

HondaMan, what one is it then and I can check it out.

  bumpkin 18:40 12 Jul 2015

rdave, a nice bit of kit but for the amount of usage it will get I can't justify the cost (Tempted though:-)) I have a dashcam anyway.

  bumpkin 18:44 12 Jul 2015

I doubt it will be long before all new cars are fitted with multiple cameras like many buses are now.

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