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Any advice on modern Sat Navs

  bumpkin 18:07 09 Jul 2015

I have an old Navman (appx 9 yrs) which I found amazing in its day but now outdated although it still works. As they are now so cheap I was thinking of replacing it. My main criticism of it is that if I turn off a busy Mway like M25 it will keep trying to direct me back onto it. Not something I know much about but with technology advancing as it has I would have thought that there is something available that can be asked to find a route avoiding M ways. Any suggestions anyone.

  morddwyd 09:49 10 Jul 2015

morddwyd, I do not have a smartphone myself but my daughter does and says that using the satnav is very expensive.""

I expect she is using the data services which obviously incurs continuous charges.

If she wants to look at other options in addition to Tom Tom I have used Co-Pilot, Route 66, N avigon (Garmin) and Sygic, which uses TomTom maps.

All are free to use, but have to be bought initially.

As has been said, TomTom is good, and so is Sygic.

I think most have a free trial option.

Advantage of a smartphone version is I can use it on my mobility scooter. I carry one in the car and the satnav can be useful shopping in Edinburgh or Glasgow!

  bumpkin 12:50 10 Jul 2015

Thanks for your replies, I have been ploughing through the huge amount of reviews out there. Not having an Iphone that option can be ruled out but thanks for the suggestion. Whilst the garmin (wee eddie) seems a reasonable choice at a sensible price I am put off by the external ariel. What I need really is a fairly basic one with the option of avoiding Mways, not that I have any aversion to them but when something goes wrong I want to get off as soon as I can and find another route through an unknown area without the satnav constantly trying to send me back onto the Mway.

  spuds 13:17 10 Jul 2015

Having had and used an excellent Navman F20 for a number of years, but of late found it was not providing its full requirements, I purchased a TomTom Start 25m UK/Europe plus Binatone U605 UK, ROI. Both on special offer from Argos at the time.

Screen size was one of the main factors for change, plus latest regular 'free' updates. But i would suggest, that you show a little caution about "free lifetime" updates, because I have since found, that some manufacturer's have a 'lifetime' time limit of three years, when they then regard the device should be changed.There are internet websites, that might cover the further updates, if required.

Perhaps also worth mentioning, that the TomTom came with a 4 'free' updates per year warning, but in fact I have probably exceeded this, due to TomTom informing me that newer updates were available for download. The Binatone was updated on purchase, and nothing or further updates have been available since!.

  wee eddie 13:32 10 Jul 2015

Don't know where you get the "External Ariel" from

  bumpkin 14:09 10 Jul 2015

Don't know where you get the "External Ariel" from

I looked at the reviews for the one you suggested and some of the criticisms related to the external ariel. If that is not the case then I don't know why it was referred to. Something that has to be fixed on the windscreen from what I could make of the comments. If that is not the case then I am as baffled as you as to why people would say that.

  Govan1x 14:30 10 Jul 2015

Don't think you need an external aerial when I had my old tom tom I think it was something that was stuck to the windscreen that did the trick.

I could set my route to the quick way or the shortest direction. Shortest direction was not always the quickest way and took you past lots of speed cameras. Fastest way took you by Motorway.

Before you buy one do a customer review for the model that you are after. I had a few sales ones from various places that I was interested in but the customer reviews put me of.

  bumpkin 16:01 10 Jul 2015

when I had my old tom tom I think it was something that was stuck to the windscreen that did the trick.

Yes, an external aerial which is what I dont want. By external I meant external from the satnav not the vehicle. My present one does not require this. I do read the reviews but as I say so many choices. Thanks for you input anyway.

  wee eddie 16:07 10 Jul 2015

There was a time when a change in Windscreen Technology required an external aerial. As far as I know, all modern Sat Navs have Internal Aerials

  bumpkin 17:01 10 Jul 2015

wee eddie, just to clarify this. Is the one that you have a completely self contained unit that requires nothing to be attached to the screen other than the bracket should one choose that fixing method.

  bumpkin 19:53 10 Jul 2015

Don't know where you get the "External Ariel" from

Have you tried Ebay or Amazon.

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