Antigue Porcelane figures approx value ..

  Nontek 21:19 29 Nov 2015

... I am trying to find approx value of these antigue German Porc Figurines 19th century. I have found the female figure but cannot find the male figure, having looked at length on-line.

Can anybody find any referrence regarding the male figure please??

  Nontek 21:35 29 Nov 2015

These figurines each have Noddy heads, are German 19th Century, and are about 3" - 4" tall. The male figure is holding part of a clay pipe (I think), the female figure is holding an open book.

  lotvic 23:31 29 Nov 2015

fingers crossed x

  Nontek 10:34 30 Nov 2015

Thanks lotvic - I am afraid old-age is catching up with me!

Thanks also to FE for editing.

  Nontek 16:23 03 Dec 2015

Anyone ??

Valuation is required for updating house contents insurrance.

  wee eddie 17:49 03 Dec 2015

Just because they are old, it does not make them Antiques.

Unless they are desirable/collectable and in limited supply. £20 would probably be more than they're able to make at Auction

  Forum Editor 18:43 03 Dec 2015

The value of an object regardless of its age tends to be whatever someone is prepared to pay at any given moment.

These two figures are probably not worth that much, as wee eddie says unless you can find someone who collects that sort of thing. In my experience, the best way to find out about such things is to take them to an antique shop and ask if they want to buy. You'll soon find out if there's any value attached to them, and of course, you don't have to sell.

My guess would be that they are worth around about wee eddie's estimate, but I really don't know, I'm saying that because I don't find them particularly attractive. I'm certainly not an expert on antiques.

  lotvic 21:48 03 Dec 2015

Well, the identical single female figure sold for $110 in 2011 (Antique 19thC German Porcelain Nodding Oriental Black Nodder Doll Figurine) so I would think a pair (female + male) would be worth considerably more, especially since they are obviously very scarce/hard to find available on the market

  Nontek 22:03 03 Dec 2015

Thanks for all your comments. lotvic I did find that entry re the Female fig, and my thoughts were the same as yours re their value due to probable scarcity of Male fig. Will give this the Green tick, at least I have something to make an estimate on.

  Forum Editor 22:30 03 Dec 2015

Interesting. £72 is certainly a lot better than my idea of a price. It just goes to show that there is always someone who wants an item.

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