Another year and still they want to poision themselfs

  carver 10:53 04 Oct 2014

Another year and still they want to poision themselves by going out and picking mushrooms they have no idea about.

We had some of these idiots asking if they could pick some from our land and all they had was a book as reference.

It's even cheaper to buy them from a supermarket and less time and safer.

  tullie 13:57 04 Oct 2014

Why are people idiots?Many of us used to do this when younger.

  spuds 14:47 04 Oct 2014

Nothing like going camping, and collecting a few fresh mushrooms to go with the bacon and eggs. i would imagine that thousands have done that over time.

Some people still rely on smell, when picking up a roadkill for the freezer or lunch.

  bumpkin 17:33 04 Oct 2014

Why are people idiots?

Well it does not strike me as the most intelligent thing to do, pick and eat mushrooms with little or no knowledge of the poisonous varieties.

  morddwyd 20:11 04 Oct 2014

So far as I am aware, there are no poisonous varieties that look like, and share the same habitat and season, , as field mushrooms.

Anything generally small, very white, bulbous, with delicate attractive pink gills, and appearing overnight in short cropped open grassland for a short season in Sept/Oct has so far proved safe to eat or me, and I started picking when I was about 4 and used to go out and pick a bowlful for family breakfast.

Comparing them with "safe" supermarket ones is like comparing battery eggs with the ones I used to pinch from under the hens on my way back!

  namtas 20:57 04 Oct 2014

I have no problem identifying the common field mushroom or the larger Horse mushroom, both editable, but I would not be in any way confident to gather any of the other edible types.

  carver 20:59 04 Oct 2014

morddwyd heres one looks very much like a horse mushroom and so not very poisonous.

  bumpkin 21:06 04 Oct 2014

Makes one wonder why so many get poisoned then, if they are not experts like some of our members then perhaps it would be better to refrain from the practice.

  Aitchbee 21:09 04 Oct 2014

Hobbits [just like morddwyd] could never-say-no to a field of edible mushrooms.[that's why you don't see many Hobbits about, nowadays, I suppose.]

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  bumpkin 21:09 04 Oct 2014

I get mushrooms growing in my garden, no way would I consider eating them.

  morddwyd 07:06 05 Oct 2014

"heres one looks very much like a horse mushroom and so not very poisonous."

I made no mention of horse mushrooms, and while I would be fairly confident myself, I do not find them all that tasty.

"I get mushrooms growing in my garden, no way would I consider eating them."

I doubt your garden qualifies as "close cropped open grassland" To me that would be a sheep pasture, though a regularly mown area where the clippings are collected, like an airfield, can crop well.

Ten minutes spent after coming of a night shift at St Mawgan in Cornwall guaranteed a superb breakfast!

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